X Factor 2023 towards semi-final without Morgan: here’s what happened

Chaos broke out after Morgan’s expulsion

X Factor 2023 odds before semi-finals

X Factor 2023: Odds after Morgan

Morgan is no longer there, having been removed as a judge by Sky and Fremantle Italia, but X Factor 2023 is still going on. The seventeenth edition of the popular talent show will host the semi-final evening next Thursday; Therefore, let’s first try to understand which competitors remain in the race and what changes have occurred in the odds. What will happen to those who bet on Morgan? as the winning judge.

After the elimination of Matteo Alieno in the fifth episode, there are 7 players left to play for the championship, won by the Santi Francesi duo. Currently, for bets on X Factor, Angelica Bove remains the favoriteThe lead of Ambra Angiolini’s team was awarded in 2 by SNAI. But right behind him is Il Solito Dandy, the Fabrizio Longobardi alias chosen by Dargen D’amico and given at 2.25.

These two are the most liked right now and are way ahead of the rest. Led by the rest of the group Maria Tomba, one of Fedez’s two cards and is ranked 6th (the other is Sara Sorrenti, alias Sarafine, ranked 8th). Andrea Settembre and Stunt Pilots both come close from Dargen at 15 and 20 respectively, but it doesn’t end there.

The bet: What happens after Morgan’s farewell?

According to some, Morgan kicked out of The X Factor it was something premeditated to spice up a musically lax show. Whatever happened, it was a move that had the effect of blowing the audience away. constantly burning emoticons on both sides, especially from the former leader of Bluvertigo, who did not miss the opportunity to knock a few pebbles out of his shoes.

On the other hand, if you take a character as specific and controversial as Morgan, you should expect him to “do Morgan.” And this, paradoxically, also applies to those who have had this experience. We focused on him as the winning jury member of this edition of The X Factor. As you know, you can actually bet on both the winning artist and the winning jury.

Only the Astromare group remained from Morgan’s team, which moved to Ambra’s stable after the judge’s departure. So the odds are for those betting on Morgan. will be considered losersEven if Astromare (currently 25 year old extreme foreigners) wins. In this case, the winning referee will be Ambra (favorite with 1.75 points, Fedez with 2 points and Dargen with 3 points).

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