New certification and clear commitments for sisal

The Italian gaming industry stands as a positive example in the field of rights and inclusion, thanks to cases such as Sisal, whose gender equality certificate was renewed.

Sisal: New certificate on gender equality

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Sisal increasingly at the forefront of participation

While the business world is trying to keep up with the times, the gaming industry is also trying to do its part. Because companies are made up of people, social dimensions are becoming increasingly important. In particular, there is an English acronym, DEI; this means: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and represents an institutional framework that serves as a global reference.

Among the companies that stand out as the most positive example is Sisal, whose commitment to DEI has continued for years and has now achieved significant recognition. This is the renewal Gender equality certificateTechnically called UNI/PDR125:2022, it is published by the Certifica System and once again proves Sisal’s determination with an overall score of 84%.

The parameters for obtaining these scores and this certificate are various. It ranges from a commitment to aiding work-life balance among employees and collaborators to promoting dual parenting, i.e. sharing the care of one’s family between men and women. Inclusion projects and programs also count Target Gender Equality AcceleratorIt is included in the United Nations Global Compact.

A concrete commitment: Zero Gender Pay Gap

Certifications are important for companies at the forefront of contemporary society, but it is even more important to set high goals and make a public commitment to achieving them. In this sense, struggle Wage Gap by Gendera term known in Italian Wage Gap by Gender and this still represents a very common problem.

As the data shows, gender equality, including roles and salaries, has long been a key goal and a firm commitment for Sisal. The wage gap between men and women increased from 12.9% in 2020 to 4.1% in 2023. A concrete progress with an ambitious but realizable goal: Sisal actually Zeroing the Gender Wage Gap by 2030.

Besides this, the historic Italian gaming company, part of the Flutter group, has made another important commitment: 40% women in senior leadership positionsUntil 2026. Currently this rate is 36% and so we are on a good track. The rest will be done by an inclusive work environment that is attentive to differences in gender, age, ethnicity or otherwise.

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