NFL vs. Kansas City Chiefs: odds, favorites, surprises

The great season of American Football in the USA begins this week with the NFL championship and will only end on February 11 with the 58th edition of the Superbowl. Kansas City favorite.

NFL 2023/24, let’s get started: the season’s favorites

NFL 2023/24, let’s get started: all odds for the championship

The National Football League is on the starting line for an unmissable season. The NFL can only start from the Kansas City Chiefs, not just because they are the defending champions, but because they have the capacity to play. 3 Superbowls in the last 4 seasonswin 2. Superbowl’s two-time MVP, super-powerful playmaker Patrick Mahomes’ team is a definite favourite.

SNAI* for bets on the NFL Shares Chiefs at 6.75 for final victory. As can be seen, these are not very low odds because the NFL has always been a fairly balanced and crowded league, given the 32 teams involved. The main opponents are considered the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that lost in the last Superbowl. Eagle plays with 8.

The third force playing in the 2023 NFL in preseason ratings is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills, who finished second at the end of the regular season in the AFC (American Football Conference) last year, lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in the league playoffs. But Buffalo’s A male quarterback at Josh Allen and will recover if injuries allow: odds are 9.

Possible surprises and the Cincinnati factor

As anyone who follows the NFL already knows, one of the most important factors in winning is health. Because American Football is a contact sport and also because of strong contacts, injuries are imminent. He said of the Buffalo Bills: Think Cincinnati BengalsPerhaps the most exciting surprise of the whole league and chasing the first championship after 3 losing finals.

On the contrary quarterback Joe Burrow injury The Bengals have alarmed their fans, it doesn’t seem like anything serious and in fact bookies continue to consider Cincinnati one of the most reliable 11-year-old outsiders. Counts at roughly the same level San Francisco 49ers are very strong on defensegiven at 10. But there are other potential outsiders as well.

Consider the Dallas Cowboys, one of the most popular NFL teams in the world. There Texas franchise has 5 titlesbut the last one dates back to 1995 and the pressure is growing. The Cowboys’ defensive career has increased with the arrival of corner player Gilmore, and the bookies’ reputation is high:14 odds. Other possible surprises are the Miami Dolphins (22) and LA Chargers (25).

*Quotes are subject to change

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