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Even the 93rd year of Spain’s top football league, known to all as La Liga, risks becoming a new duel between Barcelona and Real Madrid. But will it really be like this? Let’s see the rates and the latest situation.

La Liga 2023/24: Barcelona’s favorite but…

La Liga 2023/24: It will still be Barcelona and Real

It seems like a long time ago, but it’s been a little less than two months since Barcelona’s 2022/23 Liga victory that brought Blaugrana their 27th national title. Xavi was therefore able to win First Scudetto as Barcelona manager, after winning as many players. And in 2023/24, Barcelona will remain the champion’s favorite at the starting line.

Coming directly to the topic of betting in La Liga, Eurobet’s* returns blaugrana at 2.00, slightly below 2.20, where the chances of their lowest and arch-rivals Real Madrid are judged. The Catalans might have had a lower share even as defending champions, but Barcelona’s real unknown factor isn’t technical, it’s environmental: the stadium.

The legendary Camp Nou has been demolished to create a glorious new version and meanwhile Blaugrana will play All season at Montjuïc Olympic stadium, often hosts Espanyol matches. Barcelona still has a great chance, which can count on the new European champion Gundogan, who came free of charge from Manchester City, among others.

Any La Liga surprises in court?

Real Madrid certainly did not sit idly by, and the €105m spent on Jude Bellingham may not be the only thing that gives prestige. Mbappé issue still leadingHE becomes an international case and he could see Madrid punished. This could be the main surprise factor in La Liga as the relationship between Barcelona and the referees is explored.

Indeed, there is a void behind the two big names.Atlético Madrid is theoretically the third powerhouse in the league. At 7.50. Simeone’s team seems to have done their best and the colchoneros seem to be “convicts” of the Argentine coach’s noble salary (€34m per year). Seville, which has been brought back to European success by Mendilibar and rated 21 by Eurobet, is almost loved more.

For the rest, high or very high odds, less sensational surprises 36-year-old Real Sociedad, but double commitment with the Champions League is expected and Villarreal awarded in 41. The slightest reliable at 61 altitude. All others over 450, newly promoted Even in 2001 Las Palmas!

*Offers are subject to change

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