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After a summer of objections and stamped documents, Serie B finally took the field on the first day, although other surprises from the Council of State could not be ignored. Here are the odds and favorites for the Tournament Winner.

Serie B 2023/24: Ascension favorites

Serie B 2023/24 kicks off: here are the odds and favorites

It cannot be said that the summer we are in is one of the simplest in the history of Italian Serie B football. There Double exclusion of Lecco and Reggina triggered a series of appeals and penalties that put the start of the championship at great risk. While we are writing these lines, the first day has been played even though the quota has not been filled, the names of the two teams are still missing.

At the moment, bookies are pretty clear on one thing: there should be a tournament without teams that “kill the championship”. In fact, Planetwin365* sees many companies close in the evaluation for Serie B bets. It seems that the most credited for the victory of Serie B 2023/24 Fabio Pecchia’s Parma was awarded in 3.85 as tournament winner and promoted at 1.85 (directly or via playoff).

As they often do, they enjoy a certain dignity Freshly dropped teams from Serie A. In this case, Spezia is awarded 4.85 for Serie B champion and 2.35 for promotion. On the other hand, Sampdoria got 4.85 points as the winner and 2.65 points, while Cremonese has a different rating: the chances of promotion are the same (2.65), but they have a lower chance of winning the championship (6.75).

Other favorites and possible surprises

As for the surprises, in this Serie B 2023/24 the mind goes not only to the possible teams on the pitch, but above all to the possible teams. revolutions imposed by the courts. Currently, according to the agency’s determination TAR’s sentence Last August 3, Lecco was re-admitted and is awaiting the official announcement for the tournament to begin.

For Reggina, whose appeal was denied, there is nothing to do instead, but can be reinstated by the Council of State.An announcement is expected on August 29. We will be named the twentieth team at that time and in case the Calabrians are rejected once again it will have to be Brescia. But for now, both Rondinelle and Lecco can be listed.

Planetwin365 evaluates: Venice as an interesting surpriseWith 8 points (up 3.25), Aquilani’s Pisa is in the spotlight with 12 points and is still the winner of the championship (5.50 rise). On the other hand, Bari is also not very confident, and despite being a finalist in the past play-offs, he got 12 points as Serie B champion and 5.50 points higher.

* Rates may vary

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