Okay from the regions, will it be announced in April?

After a long wait and waiting for the opinions of the permanent commissions, the approval of the Conference of the United Regions accelerated the reorganization of online games. The announcement is by April, according to ADM director Roberto Alesse.

Online gaming realignment: Regions say yes, but…

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Online game reordering: Announcement for Alesse in April

The process of such a long-awaited measure as the reorganization of the gaming industry is always complex, but once started, most can be considered completed. In this case, following the approval of the preliminary examination by the Council of Ministers last December, the decree law stipulating the reregulation of online gambling had to be passed by the Council of Ministers. United Conference of the Regions.

The Conference, chaired by the Minister of Regional Affairs Roberto Calderoli, formalized the agreement on the text by giving its approval at the session on January 25. The position of the interregional forum is quite clear, and some important points emerged in the written opinion published and distributed after the session. First, Regions want: joint payment of household appliance tax.

This requirement includes taxes on slots and AWPs, as well as taxes on registration records called PVRs (loading points of sale). The regions request that the institutions responsible for health protection also be involved in the implementation of measures and criteria, because combating pathological gambling remains an absolute priority. The decree received the approval of the Joint Conference as well as the stamp of approval from the Government Accounting Office.

Alesse (ADM): Call by April

The next step is approval by the two standing parliamentary committees (Budget, Treasury and Finance) by the end of February. Then it will be time for the real announcement. There can’t be a date yet, but Optimism filters from the Customs and Monopoly Authority. Roberto Alesse, ADM Director since January 2023He did not hide his satisfaction with the acceleration of the work.

Alesse underlines that such a complex and long-delayed issue as public games has not been organized on this occasion before. The director now expects a similar event in the final part of the editing process; So this announcement, which will lead to the announcement of new concessions for online games, needs to come to light. until the end of April.

So how many operators will participate? The ADM Director explains his opinion on these figures, as well as the final approval and tender start date. They should join the new race Between 50 and 60 operators (today there are 92), most of which are foreign organizations. In this sense, the intensification of measures to combat illegal gaming and criminal infiltration is a source of assurance and pride for ADM.

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