Manchester City is the king of revenues, Napoli is the most virtuous club

How much does it cost you to win the national football championship? We learn this thanks to the Football Benchmark study, which reveals the revenues of Serie A, La Liga, Premier League and other champion clubs.

From City to Napoli: Revenues of champion clubs

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Football: revenues of national champion clubs

The sustainability of football and its business has been frequently discussed in recent years. An interesting finding in this sense is the emergence of Football Benchmark, a platform that analyzes data and statistics from the world of football. A recent study highlighted club revenues. eight major national championships of the European continent. The results are quite interesting as expected.

Real Madrid is at the top of everyone in terms of income, they are always first class and they confirm this with their team. 830 million euros. This is followed by Manchester City, who have won the last three Premier Leagues and five of the last six leagues, making them the champion club with the highest revenue, grossing 826 million since the last tournament.

PSG and Barcelona, ​​winners of Ligue 1 and La Liga respectively, are practically tied: the French club is second with 801.7 million collected, while Barça is a very close third with 800.4. Napoli is in fifth place While it is among the national champion clubs with 275.1 million, it is behind Bayern Munich (707.1 million) and ahead of Benfica (195.8), Feyenoord (99.1) and Galatasaray (90.9).

Record growth from Naples despite everything

The Football Benchmark study, in a way, confirms that our football is in the background, but emphasizes Napoli’s unique feature. The club brought by Aurelio De Laurentiis From Serie C to Scudettothis one has this higher growth compared to the previous year +79% among all national champions.

This increase is due to the championship victory as well as the easing of the wage bill with the sales of Insigne, Mertens and Koulibaly. In fact, Napoli is also the club that has these features. better relationship between salaries and business revenuesEquals 40%. From this perspective, there are two companies that are even at a loss: PSG (-111 million) and Galatasaray (-49 million).

Then there’s something to consider In terms of stadium revenuesAfter the dark period due to Covid, its impact is increasingly felt on all clubs. The eight clubs that won the relevant championships generated stadium revenues of over €660 million in the 2022/23 season, accounting for 17% of total revenues. In 2021/22 this rate was 12%.

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