Online Gaming – USA will combat illegal gambling

Online gambling is thriving in the United States. However, illegal providers secure the largest share. However, the authorities have the black market operators on the screen.

Currently, 35 states have sports betting, six states have online casinos and five have online poker. Other states are pushing regulation, and providers sense a gold rush.

However, the American Gaming Association estimates that the illegal providers continue to be the big winners. Americans are said to place more than $510 billion in bets with unlicensed operators each year.

That’s why the regulators of Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey and Nevada have contacted the United States Department of Justice (DoJ). Now there is an answer, and it reads clearly:

We value your views on this matter. The Ministry has launched and continues to investigate illegal gambling. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the investigative branch of the department responsible for investigating allegations of violations of state gambling laws.

If the violations are proven, the FBI will refer the allegations to the appropriate federal prosecutor to file an indictment, likely with a prosecutor in the area where the crimes began.

The Ministry takes the problem of illegal gambling, including illegal online gambling, seriously and successfully carries out investigations and prosecutions of illegal online gambling.

The FBI works extensively to build and maintain strong partnerships with public and private agencies to combat illegal gambling. The Department is aware of the negative impact that oriental gambling is having on divisions and communities and will use all available means to detect, investigate and prosecute such illegal activities.

It remains to be seen how action will be taken against the illegal operator. Black Friday showed that the DoJ and the FBI are acting in concert and taking several operators offline in one fell swoop.

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