Online Poker | GGPoker: JungMoney with two podium finishes at the Winter Giveaway Series

There is a free runner-up to the GTD Winter Giveaway Series worth $50 million GGPokerHowever, the DACHs climbed onto the podium a few times again.

The DACHs remain a permanent guest on the podium, and overall the DACHs’ balance sheet was good again yesterday. Secretofmama starts in 2nd place at $25 Short Deck Bounty for $899 + $129. Patrrick_Star shined in the $12.90 Bounty and took the win for $6,524 + $3,796. pansen87 is available now for $21.60. Bounty Hunters Winter Games for $5,887 + $8,396, Appreciate It for $250 TGIF Super Hyper Turbo and $25,720 with. JungMoney came in third here and was rewarded with $15,703. He was also third in the $150 Friday Night Snowball Fight, which earned another $10,160 + $4,288.

pokergambit1 goes into the $15 Friday Night Snowball Fight with a win and $6,168 + $747 for second place, Giozinhzo123 took third place for $4,317 + $744. spieli94 became runner-up in the $77 Lucky Sevens and took home $8,466 for second place. Stefan Jedlicka took home $5,318 + $2,165 for second place in the $215 Holiday Heater, RAGNAR-LEGION-2 took home $4,058 + $1,303 for third place.

Later, CashCowboy took home the win in the $25 Winter Tick Tock for $4,604.

The flights will again come with a New Year Bounty of $50 Global Million$ ($1,500,000 GTD) or the $54 Omaholic New Year ($250,000 GTD) but you can also qualify for the $250 Grand Finale ($2,024,000 GTD). Tomorrow Sunday awaits the $52.50 Mystery Million$ in a whopping $1,010,000 prize, with numerous satellites on offer. The complete Winter Giveaway Series schedule is now available to customers. Further information about the series, the winter giveaways and the conditions of participation are already available Do you want to increase your deposit limit? More information can be found here.

The news from January 5, 2024:

$50 Million Winter Giveaway Series:
Date: December 15, 2023 – January 12, 2024
Details: GGPoker

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