Ayrton Senna’s precious motorboat will return to sea

A very special boat is ready to finally be restored. The TecnoMarine SuperCobra, 21.34 meters longis a motorboat from Ayrton Senna. It could also be understood from the Steering wheel reminiscent of that of the Formula 1 McLaren Late 80s-early 90s. The Brazilian F.1 star, who died in 1994, had actually owned this boat for years 2,200 hp paid out in total by two engines. Today this ship is ready for restoration as part of an exceptional and very expensive project.

Senna motorboat, sporty soul

In addition to the special feature of the McLaren-style steering wheel, Senna’s speedboat has a Top speed of 33 knots. In addition, it is equipped with three double cabins, three bathrooms, racing sports car seats and various nautical equipment.

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