Permanent Coordination Desk is coming

Something is brewing for the eSports industry in Italy. From the fruitful experience of the Virtual Sports Summit, the Permanent Coordination Desk was born, which will serve as a link between institutions, associations and practitioners.

Turning point of eSports: new coordination table

Big news for the eSports industry

It is not easy to meet the needs and requirements of a young and rapidly growing sector like e-Sports; moreover, political and sporting institutions often follow much slower timetables and struggle to keep up with such phenomena. But starting today, things could really change. from Virtual Sports SummitAn excellent idea emerged at the meeting held in late October.

What is the idea about? It’s actually very simple, because the proposal is to turn it into a sporting event by making the Virtual Sports Summit itself a permanent event. Permanent Coordination Desk. Its function will be to gradually address various problems that arise in the game world. Compared to the past, the biggest change is in the participation of sports institutions.

He actually attended the Virtual Sports Summit Marketing managers of even primary sports associationsLike FIGC and National Amateur League for Football, FIP and LBA for Basketball and then ACI Esports (Automotive racing), FITA (Taekwondo), FIDAF (American Football). Everything was organized and coordinated by the Italian Esports Observatory (OIES) and ELIS.

Esports: Does it also benefit from an Olympic perspective?

This concentration of major sports institutions risks being a real game changer; because there is still a possibility open in the background: Olympics for eSports and more generallyOpening of the Olympic Games. An organization like the Permanent Table can help improve relationships between sports and “eSports” institutions.

IOC president Thomas Bach has already expressed himself positively about creating an Olympic pathway for competitive video games, and the first real opportunity to do so could happen soon. Improve gaming in the sports industry. The Permanent Coordination Desk will take the form of an assembly that each unit will chair in turn for a certain period of time.

Naturally, Luigi Caputo, founder and CEO of the OIES Observatory and one of the main supporters of the Virtual Sports Summit, is excited about all this. According to Caputo, it is extraordinary that the Permanent Table was born practically spontaneously, and now the challenge will be to actually make it a reality. a collection toolIt presses for dialogue not only for development but also for the definitive rise of the sector.

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