QSI acquires WPT, merger approaching

August 2023 will be remembered as the month of revolution in the padel world. Qatar Sports Investments, the former owner of the Premier Padel circuit, has acquired the rights to the World Padel Tour. Here’s what happens next.

Revolution in Padel: Great fusion!

A new circuit will be born from WPT and Premier Padel

Negotiations had been going on for a while, but the official announcement came at the end of August. The world of Padel is preparing for a real revolution. the birth of a new professional circuitIt will take the name of the already existing Premier Padel. The news is that Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) has acquired the World Padel Tour (WPT).

The agreement was signed by QSI, in conjunction with the International Padel Federation (FIP) and the Professional Padel Association, and eventually with Damm, which owns Setpoint Events, which organizes WPT. The agreement envisions the merger of Premier Padel and Premier Padel. the only professional padel world tourIt will be called Premier Padel.

What will happen now? Nothing will happen in the near future, as WPT and Premier Padel’s pre-made calendars will see the various phases take place as planned for the 2023 calendar year. unique tour Premier PadelIt will act under the auspices of the FIP. This is a revolution that will carry the increasing popularity of the sport even higher.

The future of Padel and the Italian spirit

Born in Mexico in the 60s of the last century, Padel had a real boom in Spain, which has always ranked first in the number and quality of both practitioners and professionals. But also in the padel world a lot of italyout of town. The president of the International Padel Federation FIP is quite Italian and Louis Carraro.

Luigi Carraro, son of the well-known former minister and sports executive Franco, has been trying to take the padel sport even higher for years. Therefore, the ever-increasing success of this discipline stems from his work. Carraro excitedly commented on the successful merger that he actively participated in and will assume responsibility for as FIP. manage the new professional environment.

Another very influential character in Padel has been and will continue to be. Nasser Al-KhelaifiThe one football fans will already know is the president of Paris Saint-Germain. Al-Khelaïfi is also the chairman of Qatar Sports Investments and is the most important political and commercial figure of this revolution. The future of padel, which is now divided into two big tours and operates under a single brand, will definitely be rosy.

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