Sisal, here are all the features of the brand new betting app

Technological innovations, but also in the name of more practicality than ever before, and with a wink to social networks. Sisal’s new betting app combines innovation in a delightful way for an even more engaging gaming experience.

Smart Search and much more in the new Sisal app

How is the new Sisal betting application changing?

Have you ever wondered what the ideal betting practice should look like? There is of course an element of individual taste to take into account, but there are evolutions and improvements largely permitted by technological progress and which have a crisis of objectivity. We find many of these new Sisal betting appa concentration of technology and innovation rarely seen.

Launched in the second half of July, the new Sisal betting application not only brings significant improvements compared to the previous version, but also some gems are absolute innovations for the Italian market. First of all, thanks to the use of algorithms based on artificial intelligence, incredibly easy to use.

It is a very advanced search engine that allows you to find sports events, teams or individual athletes in a very short time by typing a word or even a few letters, even with the help of automatic correction in case of errors. And as if that wasn’t enough, they can even search for your favorite events by verbally askingthanks to the voice command implemented.

The beauties of the betting application and the future of Sisal

Innovation has always been a pillar of Sisal’s strategies, but this focus Acquisition by Flutter Entertainment to 1.9 billion euros, which consolidated the historic Italian company, completed about a year ago and founded in 1946, as a leading player in Italian games and beyond.

And indeed, the new Sisal betting app presents itself as a little gem, not just for Smart Search. Among the innovations very useful “Picture in Picture” functionwhich allows you to use other apps on your device while continuing to watch free live streams of the main sporting events constantly available in the Sisal app.

The betting app will then continue to include other components of Sisal’s extensive gaming offer: from Cash Out to Duo betting, from horse racing to casino, Tipster section and Virtual sports. And then there’s another distinctly social feature: this is called Selfie Bet and it will be helpful for you to share bets or winnings with your friends.

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