Scalvini result and Hien visits

L’Atalanta welcomed 2023 with a home win over Lecce. And it opened in 2024 with the market’s first bang: from Verona, Defender Isak has actually arrived Hien for a number around 8.5 million. An important coup in which the goddess wanted and wanted to bring him to Bergamo in this transfer window. It was a day full of medical visits to the La Madonnina clinic in Milan, on the one hand for the suitability and final approval for the new purchase and on the other hand Scalvini, who had problems warming up in the game against the Salento team.

Atalanta, visits for Scalvini and Hien

The doctor’s visits brought with them a double smile Gasperini. The reason is simple and is confirmed by the results of the instrumental tests to which the 2003-born central defender was subjected. Scalvini, In fact, injuries have been ruled out in the left recto-adductor area, where he felt discomfort before the game against Lecce. The central defender remains questionable for the game against Sassuolo in the Italian Cup on Wednesday, also to avoid overloading. The other smile is for the technicianAtalanta it was for instead Hien, new arrow for his defense department. An important reinforcement since Gasperini had to resort to defense in the last game DeRoon as right arm.

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