Secret Bounty Extended invites you to Casino Linz

€10,000 in prize money and another €1,500 in sponsored bounties were available today and tomorrow at the €130 + 20 Secret Bounty Extended at Casino Linz.

The story of the Secret Bounty in August was born for tables and this weekend you can look forward to plenty of action (if the weather doesn’t intervene). There are two flights, at 7 p.m. and 3 p.m. Since the money has been reached, there is sponsorship and all remaining players will go to the final tomorrow evening (December 2nd) at 8 p.m. For entertainment, 50,000 chips and 20 minute levels are available.

At the start of the game there are jewels with a bonus of €150, and at the final table there is another bounty with an additional €300. As soon as the bounty is offered, the lottery decides. The tournament itself guarantees €10,000 in prize money, plus a total of €1,500 in bounties sponsored by Casino Linz.

The exact conditions of participation can be found at

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