Serie C once held out against Ciriè

Seventh day of the return of Group A of Serie C. The Leopardi return to the second leg of last season’s playoffs after the exciting match with league leaders Biella Next. guests of PNC BasketballCoach Conti’s boys stay in the game for a while, but then give in to Ciriè’s attacks, which further consolidate their third place in the table.


Coach Conti uses D’Arrigo, Agbogan, Corrado, Ruà and Drame in the 2-ball, Ciriè responds with Viano, Romerio, Savoldelli, Tourè and Lissiotto. Very balanced first quarter, with the home team showing strong intensity from the start. However, BEA were ready and kept their guard up, especially on defense, to bring home a hard-fought first quarter. As early as the second decade, PNC reversed the result, but was unable to expand its lead. Thanks to a good reaction from coach Conti’s boys, who remained calm despite the baskets from the Romerio-Tourè duo. We come to the long break, Ciriè leads by 3 points.

Returning to the field from the locker rooms, PNC has a different face: BEA is struggling to contain the offensive exuberance of coach Siclari’s quintet, which mainly strikes from distance to increase the lead. BEA relies on the physicality of Drame, who keeps the game in the balance for a moment: we reach the last ten with a gap of 10 points between the two teams. In the fourth third, however, BEA failed to close the gap, thanks to the great defensive attention of the Ciriacesi, who extended the score to 84 to 63 in the final.


«We played two slightly different games in the same game – comment Coach Franz Conti – In the first half we were good at staying point for point and keeping the game, in the second half we were inconsistent, we couldn’t stay as compact as them. They were very intense, they didn’t have mental breakdowns, which was the case with us. Tourè showed a very high individual performance, he was superior in attack in the second part of the game, which, together with our lack of mental strength, made the difference.”


A little stop for the Leopardi, who won’t have their usual Sunday appointment at the PalaGialdo. The game with Novara Basketball Collegevalid for the eighth day of the second leg, will be played Wednesday, February 21st, 9:15 p.m.


Parties (14-19, 30-27, 60-50)

CIRIÈ: Savoldelli 7, Lissiotto 14, Molinario, Altobelli, Romerio 18, Viano 5, Bacchini 2, Perino 2, Tourè 25, Burdese, Ferro 11, Balma. All. Siclari, Ass. Granello, Acc. Morelli.

CHIERI: Drame 17, Corrado 16, D’Arrigo 9, Agbogan 6, Quagliotto 4, Stella 3, Stiffi 3, Origlia 3, Ruà 2, De Mita NE, Moris NE, Mosca NE All. Conti, Ass. Colò, 2. Ass. Turetta, Acc. Monteleone.

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