“So I’m leading France to the Olympics. Clubs in Poland? Unfortunately in Italy…”

Giani, what was it like watching volleyball from outside?

«For me it was the first time after a continuous journey since the 1986/87 season. I missed training but I did a lot of things. First, the full-time dad: milk, daycare. I enjoyed dedicating myself to them. Then I took an intensive French course. But I remained interested and delved deeper. I went into the fields because comparisons are important. I saw Piacenza and Milan at work».

What was your assessment of this year’s championship?

«Trent They had a flawless first half of the season, just like Perugia did a year ago. Sir lost a few games but grew. Lorenzetti had a difficult task, but he is doing well. Trento lost its starting player, but he showed great responsiveness. Acquarone He immediately got into the game system because his teammates showed great will and desire to overcome this obstacle. I liked the Itas group. He didn’t try to hide behind the setter’s alibi. A real team reaction. Behind them, Monza had a great season, Civitanova had to take a step back because the group was more consistent last year. Milan is the team that has grown the most and gotten to where they wanted to go».

The player who surprised you the most this year?

«You beat me Ferre Reggers. The opposite of Milan is young and talented. He was responsible for the absence of Dirlic and has a convincing answer. He has improved a lot over the course of the season. Milan was right again».

She works for France at the Games. The goals?

«Let’s start with clear ideas. We want to have a concrete season. That means quality of play, consistency, awareness. There VNL will be important to build this framework. And that will be crucial for our Olympics, then there are the opponents».

What are the favorites?

«For consistency of results over the last three years, Italy and Poland emerged. Then there are us, Slovenia, the USA, Brazil, Japan. All teams that can win a medal. The formula leads to a quarter-final at super level. If we have built the quality that I was talking about before, then we will be able to play this game with all our cards in order».

Will Ngapeth remain the cornerstone of the transalpine national team?

«Last summer was the first in which he was not on the pitch due to injury. At the European Championships, I used him in the final for third place, despite the conditions not being ideal. And he answered. He remains an indispensable player. But there is also the team that has to do its part».

Have you gotten over the disappointment of Modena?

«A company has the right to move to achieve its strategies. However, I think this needs to be done at the right time. I no longer had the opportunity to find a place. I suffered at the beginning and they had a strange season».

Now there is talk of a possible landing in Poland. Is that so?

«It’s a championship that I like. There are well-established contacts. But it’s still early because the season is still ongoing. Volleyball is the focus of interest in Poland. I like the idea of ​​dealing with a different culture. Also because there are no double roles allowed in Italy».

Don’t share this address?

«It’s a rule that confuses me. It should be the club that decides. And then the clubs suggest six months of work, not twelve. Following a national team also means moving forward».

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