Super first half of 2023, 23.4% growth

The sports betting industry is in full health, or at least that’s what emerges from data for the first six months of 2023. Collection and expenditure figures are increasing.

Betting: super financing in the first half of 2023

2023 bet collection: +23.4% compared to 2022

Whenever aggregation data in the gaming industry comes to light, it’s time to evaluate the latest situation. The figures released by ADM speak of an absolutely healthy industry in betting. The bet is from 7.7 billion euros in the period January-June 2022 €9.1 billion in the same period of 2023.

Shopping gets even better if collections increase by 18.6%. We remind you that spending is indicative of how much players have actually lost, that is, the figure that results by subtracting winnings from the collection. Spending for the first half of 2023 1.37 billion euros+23.4% compared to the same period in 2022. The market leader is again Lottomatica.

market share Italian game giant 23.73% in expenses and 19.88% in collections. An ideal silver medal for SNAI (15.09% spent, 12.91% collected), Sisal is still the third largest force in the market with a share of 14.02% (spending) and 12.98% (receipts). Eurobet (11.96% vs 10.31%) and Planetwin365 (9.10% vs. 7.55%) round out the top 5 operators.

Other performances and why the stakes are growing

The first question that comes to mind is Why is the bet growing so well?Despite the advertising ban that has been implemented for almost 5 years. Perhaps the most reliable explanation is due to the superior quality of the current market. new betting regulationscompleted its game proposal, which was definitively approved and published in the Official Gazette last fall.

Obviously, the entire sports betting industry has been positively impacted and many legal gaming franchisees in Italy have seen their numbers grow. Let’s take bet365 for exampleis a rapidly growing international giant also in Italy. In the first half of 2023, bet365 ranks sixth in terms of spending market share with 6.97%, and even second in collections (16.76%).

A singular truth that can be explained by a bookie who is always among the favorites of more expert players and therefore tends to lose less often. among others they keep their incumbents well An emerging Italian such as bwin (1.12 spend, 1.63% collected) and William Hill (0.77% spend, 0.62% collect) as well as Vincitu (0.71% spend, 0.62% collect) truth.

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