Talmassons and Cremona put on a show, the Friulians prevailed

Coach Barbieri uses Eze Blessing as director, Piomboni as opponent, Hardeman and Populini as striker, Costantini and Eckl in the middle, Negretti as libero. Coach Zanelli answers with the typical formation: Turlà and Taborelli in the attacking diagonal, Piovesan and Rossini on the sides, Ferrarini and Munarini in the middle, Gamba Libero.

At the beginning with a very difficult break from CDA, which rises to 8:1. However, Cremona clearly showed the caliber of the team, recovered and came close to equalizing the score at 11:11. A very hard-fought phase of the set begins, with CDA still managing to extend the lead in the middle phase of the set. The CDA enforces its suspension for 22-17. Taborelli leads Cremona to a comeback, but the Friulians close 25-22.

In the second set, Cremona gained what appeared to be a decisive lead, 10-17. However, with an exceptional serve from Populini, CDA Talmassons climbed back to 19-17. Ace from Eckl for 21-18. Kavalenka (replacing Piomboni) ends the game in the second set with 25:20.

The third set begins with CDA trying to end the game immediately, but once again Cremona takes the first advantage. Once again Taborelli was on the screens at 12-18. The CDA mixes things up again and an ace from Populini makes it 20:21. However, this time Cremona stays ahead and wins the half 23:25, closing the gap.

Cremona is also ahead in the fourth set. Esperia takes the lead with 13:18 and uses the advantage in their favor as best as possible. Ferrarini wins four set points with a handout, which Cremona can finish with 21-25.

The tiebreak offers pure emotion. A very even fight that makes both teams play the game with advantages. CDA Talmassons FVG lost four match points out of a total of 14 points, then finished with 19:17 and collected two crucial points to open the promotion pool in the best possible way.


Leonardo Barbieri (CDA Talmassons coach) – « We knew we were dealing with a strong team and were aware of the difficulties we would face. Today was a bit of a bad day in defense, I’m also concerned because in certain situations the coach can also be responsible. We have to work on these mistakes and improve on them, on things that we have studied and prepared for. We missed that defensive situation, but everything else I have to say worked. The promotion pool will be difficult as the level is very high. Then, as the times increase, some errors also occur. However, we have to congratulate Cremona, who have proven that they are a great team.”

Marco Zanelli (Cremona trainerCremona office)- « We certainly didn’t approach the race optimally by going straight down. Then we got into the game, but it wasn’t enough because Talmassons took the lead. We started the second set well, but faded in the middle. Then a more even game began, we won the third and fourth sets by playing good volleyball against a team that played good volleyball. It was the same in the fifth set, but it was a shame to have lost the break advantage we gained at the beginning.”



CDA VOLLEY TALMASSONS FVG: Populini 17, Eckl 22, Eze 4, Hardeman 25, Costantini 9, Piomboni 2, Negretti (left), Kavalenka 7, Bole, Monaco (left). Not entered: Feruglio, Grazia. All. Barbieri.

CREMONAUFFICIO ESPERIA CREMONA: Rossini 7, Ferrarini 11, Turla’ 2, Piovesan 25, Munarini 7, Taborelli 28, Gamba (L), Zorzetto 3, Coveccia 1. Not participating: Balconati, Scialanca (L), Landucci, Felappi. All. Zanelli.

REFEREE: Sabia, Pernpruner.

Set duration: 27′, 28′, 28′, 25′, 21′; Total: 129′.

MVP: Chidera Blessing Eze (CDA Volley Talmassons)

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