Grammy Awards 2024 bets, favorites and odds

The 66th Grammy Awards, an event somewhat similar to the Oscars in terms of music, will end with the awards being presented on February 4. Let’s explore the odds and favorites in the main categories together.

Grammy Awards Odds: Taylor Swift is the favorite

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2024 Grammy Awards betting odds and favorites Arena in Los Angeles is ready to host the sixty-sixth annual Grammy Awards, one of the most important music events in the United States and beyond. The awards given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences are actually comparable to the awards that the Oscars represent in terms of cinema. With three additions this year The number of awarded categories reached 94.

However, what interests us most are the main categories; Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Album of the Year. Someone may ask what is the difference between Song and Recording: simply, in the first case the authors who composed it are rewarded, in the second case a certain production created on a song, as well as technical cleaning, mixing, etc. in terms of. . .

In any case, we have one favorite in all three main categories, and it’s pretty obvious. Let’s talk about Taylor SwiftThe 33-year-old American singer-songwriter and actress has been on the scene for many years, but today she is an A-list star. In 2024 Grammy Awards betting for Planetwin365*, Anti-Hero is a strong favorite at 1.75 for the Record of the Year award, as well as a strong favorite for the Song of the Year award (2.35 odds).

Betting strangers Grammy Awards

To close out the trio, Swift is also a clear favorite for Album of the Year with Midnight at 1.42. THE Grammy Awards 2024 will they therefore be a “one woman show”? It is not certain because of the jury alternatives he will take part in this year. Maneskin’s coach is Fabrizio FerraguzzoThere are no problems and they are all extremely high quality.

The most ambiguous competition appears to be the Registration competition, which is a category. Miley Cyrus’s Flowers is my second favorite and very close, 2.85. Slightly more distant, but not left out, is “What Am I Made For?” Billie Eilish’s performance is at 5.25, SZA’s Kill Bill is at 6.75, and Boygenius’s Not Strong Enough is a stranger at 10.

SZA became Taylor Swift’s first rival in the album category. SOS given at 5.50Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Underneath Ocean Blvd, by Lana Del Rey, is ranked #8. Finally, Billie Eilish at 3.35, Miley Cyrus at 7 and SZA at 10 are again trying to compete with Taylor Swift for the Song of the Year award. with the same songs.

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