The club announces a press ban

At the end of the interlude, boos rained down on Maradona Naples And Empoli. The Neapolitan fans could not digest the team’s performance Garcia after the home defeat against the Tuscans. On the 90th Kovalenko He invented a beautiful goal to make it 1-0 for the Tuscans Andreazzoli increasingly the black shadow of the Neapolitans (5 wins in six games). The Azzurri attacked and tried, especially after entering the field Kvarachelia, The Georgian revived the attack, which was deserted by the injured player Osimhen (he was included during the game and joined his teammates in the locker room at the end of the game), from the home team. His plays caused some problems for defenders, but he was always good Berisha to counter, especially with the left-footed shot from close range a few minutes before the Tuscan goal. De Laurentiis He left his place in the stands long before the final whistle and did not come into the locker room at the end of the game to talk to the coach and the team. The club has announced a press ban, a clear sign of the current mood and how much the bank is risking Garcia.

Naples, Garcia in danger

There is no explanation from the members Naples after the game againstEmpoli. It’s been up and down since the start of the championship and the performances have never been convincing, which is why there was discontent and so many whistles from the Maradona stands. Difficult days dictated by the disappointing result of the Champions League game against himUnion Berlin, where there was only a draw. Rudi’s bench Garciais increasingly faltering and wobbling like never before. That’s why the silence before the stop makes even more noise and could be the optimal moment to try to shake things up and perhaps change the technical guide. At the moment only speculations, as there are no names or concrete alternatives yet. And there were also shouts against the coach from the stands…

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