The Lecce-Sassuolo case breaks out

It’s not a race between them Lecce And Sassuolo to take a closer look at the race director Juan Luca Sacchi. In anticipation of the eighth day of A league for the Via del Mare, The men’s game ended 1-1 D’Aversa And Dionysis, It is the behavior of the referee of the Macerata section who refused to greet his colleague Francesca Di Monte, Assistant referee of the Chieti section designated for the game. The scene occurred in the dressing room tunnel, a few seconds before entering the field. The video posted on TikTok shows Sacchi not responding to Di Monte’s hand extended to quickly shake the hand of Strefezza, the Lecce captain. The assistant reacts with a confused expression, almost shaking his head, before running out of the video.

The Sacchi Di Monte episode in Lecce-Sassuolo

An ambiguous sequence that could have its own “bureaucratic” justification in the protocol: the referee team greets each other in the locker rooms and on the field, while the tunnel area is reserved only for greetings with the captains of the two teams. A very special scene certainly took place in front of the cameras, which sent the race director into a real social storm.

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