The situation with bets and sponsors from the Calcio 2023 Report is also

He presented the 2023 Football Report prepared by FIGC Study Center in cooperation with AREL and PwC Italia. The result is cutting-edge technology in the industry for both the Italian and international scenario.

Football Report 2023: how is the world of football

Football Report 2023, a snapshot of the industry

In the thirteenth year, there is an in-depth study that tries to tell us about the health status of the football world and its entire evolution. The report, called the Calcio 2023 Report, was produced by the FIGC Study Center in collaboration with AREL and PwC Italia. the goal is classic photography of an industrywith different data types to cross.

Key indicators include the collection of bets and the incredible increase in tax revenues. If we only talk about the Italian script, the roots of the story go back to 1948, when Totocalcio was invented. Since that time, Football financed sport in Italy with 19.5 billion euros It will go to CONI and the other 19.5 billion will go into the Treasury’s vault.

Returning to current events, the total of football bets in 2022 was 13.2 billion euros. Over 600% growth in the last 17 years. Tax revenues also broke a record, reaching 342.4 billion euros in 2022, the highest figure since 2006. Football remains the main source of income for Italian sport.

Football, sponsors, betting and social networks

Since 2018, we have known that the Decree of Honor has determined, among other things: Absolute ban on gambling ads in Italytherefore it has been expanded to include jersey sponsors in football. This has led to a significant drop in purchases, to the point where new sports minister Andrea Abodi has long made an offer. back to game company sponsorships.

After all, if you look at the rest of Europe, 17% of shirt sponsors All 228 major football divisions come from the betting industry. Football is and continues to be the most followed sport not only in Italy and Europe, but also all over the world. In fact, it is estimated that 40% of the planet’s population is affected by it.

This data comes from the detection of interest in the main social networks, from Facebook to Instagram, TikTok to YouTube. We then return to the subject of betting: From the annual global collection of approximately 1.5 trillion euros from sports betting, 50% of footballIt follows basketball with less than half a share compared to football and tennis around 10 percent.

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