There will be a duel to the end between Bagnaia and Martin in MotoGP: odds

The 2023 MotoGP World Championship offers endless emotions. Until August it seemed that everything was over for Francesco Bagnaia, then the crash in Barcelona and the hasty growth of Jorge Martin brought everything into question.

Bagnaia-Martin: A big fight for the 2023 MotoGP title

Bagnaia-Martin: What a duel in the 2023 MotoGP world championship

Three points with six races to go was too few even in Giacomo Agostini’s time. Imagine today, when each stage features not one but two races. In the 2023 MotoGP championship race, Difference between Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin This is almost zero; 319 points for the reigning champion and 316 points for the maverick Spaniard.

But considering that Pecco Bagnaia rides for the official team, the Ducati Lenovo team, while Iberia rides for Pramac Racing, which always uses motorcycles from the Borgo Panigale company, we are sure that this will be another world championship won by Ducati. . In reality, everything seemed to be heading towards Bagnaia’s second title, but Incident in Barcelona reshuffles the cards.

Additionally, since then, Jorge Martin started winning steadily influential. Two firsts in Misano, a first and second in India, and two more firsts in Motegi. However, according to SNAI* investors, Bagnaia still remains the slight favorite for the championship with odds of 1.70. Jorge Martin’s world championship will instead be played at 2:00 p.m.

Because Bagnaia is still the favorite

It was said how many 3 points are with 6 matches to be played. To get an idea, consider that each stage has a sprint race on Saturday with half the number of laps compared to the regular race on Sunday. Each sprint race offers 49 points, 140 in each regular race. 220 points will be earned for first place alone.

It follows from this that the fight will be at the limit, then stimuli from outside the track can be decisive. In this sense, perhaps formalization Marc Marquez’s wonderful farewell to HondaWith the Gresini Racing team New internal competition at Ducati. Jorge Martin may be further encouraged to try to win the championship to confirm the new hierarchies.

On the other hand, there is the full power of the official Ducati team, which is currently dominating the world championship without any ifs or buts. Of course, Pecco himself last year Fabio Quartararo made a sensational comebackbut even then the redhead’s extreme strength was evident. A Bagnaia with no more health problems should start winning again and widen the gap.

*Rates may vary

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