Wanda Nara, the illness and the father: “Healing? Shocked, serious situation”

Wanda Nara sick: From rumors to confirmation

In the weeks that followed, a series of leaks broke out against the host of MasterChef Argentina: the disease, Emergency Hospitalization, hospitalization and the suspected diagnosis of leukemia, released by the Argentine media without Wanda knowing. In recent days, showgirl entrepreneur Angel de Brito has been speaking her truth, to which she said: “I’m doing well, I’m still in shock, but I try to assimilate it. And if I can understand it, maybe I can talk about it publicly“. Then he added: “I had a biopsy which takes 15-20 days to get the final result. And the confirmation has arrived. In my case it took 12 days. But I found out on TV“. And again: “I had to do 5 exams and all indications are that it could be one of those things. But It has not been possible to confirm it 100% and in order not to make a mistake in the treatments they want to be as precise as possible“.

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