Who is Napoli’s third coach this season, Francesco Calzona?

And one day suddenly all of Italy discovers who Francesco Calzona is. The new Napoli coach is having his first experience as head coach of the Serie A team, as well as being the coach of the Slovakia national team.

Calzona is the new coach of Napoli

Napoli logo, silhouette of Francesco Calzona

Napoli’s new coach Francesco Calzona

Aurelio De Laurentiis with a new theatrical coup also dismissed Walter MazzarriHe is the second coach to be appointed as the head coach of Napoli, after Rudi Garcia was previously dismissed. The owner of the Italian Championship, who left behind an extremely troubled season, voiced a truly unexpected name, at least for those who do not follow football closely: Francesco Calzona.

Fifty-five-year-old Francesco “Ciccio” Calzona from Vibo Valentia did not have a notable career as a football player, always playing in amateur leagues. However, in its last year of operation in 1999/2000 A man named Maurizio Sarri finds himself as a coach. At the end of the season he too became a coach and after a few years between Promotion and the First Category, it was Sarri who called him.

The Tuscan coach wants him as an assistant, and here he begins a long apprenticeship, moving side by side between B and C: from Avellino to Verona and Perugia, then to Grosseto, Alessandria and Sorrento, then to Empoli. much. Finally Sarri-Calzona duo win Serie A for the first timeBut also the most important call: Napoli.

What Calzona can give to Napoli

At Napoli, Sarri and Calzona enjoyed a sensationally good three-year spell; The Scudetto came very close in an incredible 91-point season and had some nice, ultra-offensive play. This led to Sarri’s call from Chelsea, while Calzona remained in Italy as Eusebio Di Francesco’s assistant. But the following year Luciano Spalletti wanted him with him in Naples. helps lay the foundations of the historic championship.

Calzona will not be able to win the championship because in the meantime he receives a call from Slovakia, where he will be Technical Commissioner in 2022. He presents himself very well as a coach because he succeeds Slovak national team qualified for Euro 2024Meanwhile Naples is disintegrating and to this day The worst Italian champion team in historyIn an era when three points were awarded for a win.

Aurelio De Laurentiis’ call after his unsuccessful attempt on Mazzarri can be explained by Calzona’s great knowledge of the Napoli environment, but not by that alone. The owner’s hope is that the new trainer will give him a breath of fresh air. Football ideas inspired by pure Sarrism. Of course, it won’t be easy, but Francesco Calzona knows how to entertain the Neapolitans.

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