Here are the hottest stadiums in Europe

Football nights, where people sing non-stop in the corners of the stadiums, are the timeless symbol of Europe’s passion for football. Here we describe the most fascinating stages.

From San Siro to Anfield, when a stadium becomes legendary

Stadiums with the best atmosphere in Europe. The hottest stadiums, the most beautiful stadiums, the stadiums with the most passionate fans. It is clear that it is about emotions, and every football fan has his favorite stadium, where he keeps his best memory, his most unforgettable moment. In short, this is a subjective assessment, often connected with the climate prevailing in the stadium, but someone has to do this dirty work, and we tried to find out some of this assessment. Stadiums where the taste of football is felt more strongly.

It is clear that San Siro cannot be missing from such a list. First of all, we are talking about the largest stadium in Italy. Capacity exceeding 80,000 seats and this allows you to enjoy the sports show perfectly from any position. Inaugurated in 1926 and undergoing numerous restorations and updates, the building has been the home of Inter and Milan for almost a century.

The curve of a pleasing stadium

Europe’s “hottest” stadiums

However, both clubs are now considering giving up on this and moving to the outskirts of the Ambrosian city to build new, more functional and, above all, more profitable facilities. Of course, new stadiums may be super-technological, state-of-the-art and their structural functions may be better suited to the goals of a contemporary sports facility, but they will be unlikely to match. The exciting atmosphere felt in the Giuseppe Meazza stadiumScala del Calcio in the afternoons, while football is played in Milan at night.

It has often been written about the almost unreal magic that can be felt in English stadiums. And if there is one stadium that almost sensually represents the romantic idea of ​​an afternoon spent watching a football match, it is undoubtedly it Liverpool’s Anfield, 54,000 seats. The legendary Kop, the corner where the most passionate fans of the red-reds gather, never stops singing the anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, which has become famous worldwide and gives me goosebumps even when I hear it on TV. Red and white scarves wave constantly.

We’re staying in the UK, but heading a little further upstream to the legendary land of Scotland for a third venue: Glasgow’s Celtic Park. 60,000 capacity also known as Parkhead Scotland’s largest football stadium and Glasgow Celtic have played there since 1892. Lionel Messi said about this facility: “No stadium can compare to Celtic Park”. To get an idea, just listen to the infernal noise that can be heard from the stands during the “Old Firm”, the historic match between Celtic and Rangers.

Regarding very hot stadiums, it certainly cannot be ruled out. Westfalen Stadium in Dortmund. The south stand, which has a capacity of 81,000 spectators and is the largest in Europe with a length of 100 meters and a height of 41 meters, is the famous “Yellow Wall” It consists of 24,454 fans who never stop singing. The 67,000 fans who have been cheering Olympique de Marseille at the Velodrome since 1937, sometimes too loudly, are certainly no exception. Completely renovated in 2014, the stadium is today one of the most beautiful and modern facilities in Europe.

From Istanbul to Belgrade: Europe of fiery stadiums

In terms of history, Barcelona’s Camp Nou and Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu are second to none. But if you have to choose The hottest stadium in SpainThen you can’t help but pass by Wanda Metropolitano, Atletico Madrid’s stadium. Built on the ashes of the old Vicente Calderon, once one of the hottest stadiums on the continent, today Wanda is a daunting 68,000-seat stadium that has never stopped supporting Commander Simeone’s sons.

A Turkish stadium cannot be missing from the list of stadiums with the best atmosphere in Europe. For us, the choice falls on Beşiktaş’s 40,000-seat home, Vodafone Park in Istanbul. THE Black Eagle fans are making a lot of noise He said that German striker Timo Werner, who played for Leipzig in 2018, wanted a change and could not play due to a headache.

Speaking of noise, perhaps it would be more accurate to say complete chaos, we cannot neglect to mention one of the strongest stadiums on the European continent: Belgrade MarakanaIt takes its name from Serbian football legend Rajko Mitic. The hall, which had a capacity of 100,000 spectators until the renovation works, has now dropped to 53,000 due to security reasons. We recommend you watch the videos of the derbies between Red Star and Partizan to see what it means to watch a match on Marakana.

Finally, the Toumba Stadium in Thessaloniki, Greece, deserves mention; A stadium with a capacity of 30,000 spectators. opponents called it “black hell”and De Kuip (The Bathhouse) in Rotterdam, home of Feyenoord, whose fans are universally regarded as among the wildest on the entire continent: this is also why the number 12 jersey was not assigned in Rotterdam.

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