Who is the new star of women’s football?

Golden Glove at the 2023 World Cup, FIFA award for the best goalkeeper of 2022 and 2023, BBC Sports Personality of the Year and even an invitation to King Charles’ personal New Year’s party. We are ready to tell you everything about Mary Earps, the athlete of the period.

From forgotten to national hero

Mary Earps thought she played her last game for England in November 2019. That day, in a friendly match against Germany, Lionesses are losingA goal conceded in the ninetieth minute in a stadium with a capacity of 77,000 people in London. Earps leaves with his head down, believing he has reached his limits and is not good enough to go any further: he now has just eight caps for his country’s national team.

But then, just like in fairy tales, the course of history changes when Sarina Wiegman comes from the Netherlands to the England bench. Wiegman decides to recall Earps to the team, despite the goalkeeper role being revealed at that moment. well covered by expert Telford and young Roebuck. At that time, the girl was having a good time at Manchester United, and therefore brought her back to the squad, although between the sticks England was not a priority: for the Earps it was a turning point. and for English teams.

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Mary Earps, the best goalkeeper in the world

Speaking about his career several times, Earps explained that it was a career that suited him both professionally and humanly. Life before Sarina Wiegman’s arrival and life after As manager of the English national women’s football team. Wiegman, on the other hand, focused on Mary Earps, whom everyone guaranteed would be the end of her international career, reviving her and giving her the best chance of becoming the world’s No. 1.

Coming from a lackluster two-year period, the English team became stronger again with Wiegman’s self-confidence. Goes on to win the 2022 European ChampionshipThey beat Germany 2 to 1 at Wembley in the match where the Earps bid farewell to international football. In April 2023, the Earps were decisive in the match that the Lionesses won on penalties against Brazil in the so-called Final between the European and American champions.

It tells the exciting journey of the 2023 World Cup played in Australia and New Zealand. Headphones that deliver outstanding performance During the tournament, he was once again decisive in the penalty shoot-out against Nigeria in the round of 16.

Thus, the girl won the first place for the second time in a row. world’s best goalkeeper award. First of all, Earps, thanks to her image as an outspoken woman with very clear ideas, becomes a global symbolIt goes well beyond women’s sport.

Mary Earps is more than just a goalkeeper

Nike, which has nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram, changed its mind about the possibility of selling the goalkeeper jersey and decided to put the jersey on the shelves. Statue in the famous Tussauds wax museum in London who would soon immortalize her: these are just some of the indicators that make us understand what a true national icon Mary Earps is for England today.

The hype surrounding the Earps is rooted in something much bigger than sports; Something that is strongly connected to the kind of person Mary was. The girl who brings all her professionalism to the fieldbut one that is real and powerful even from the outside.

His figure was and still is decisive until now. The rapid growth of women’s football in the UK in the last three years. From the lead-up to European Championship victory in 2022, football schools continue to receive demand from girls looking to line up in goal in unprecedented fashion.

All of this happens because the story of the Earps’ fall and rise, as well as his role as a model for what he said and did, is so compelling. Her speeches on authenticity versus misogyny Sport as a tool for changeHer fight against sexism in football is an inspiration to millions of girls not only in England but around the world.

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