Who is the Swiss goalkeeper in Inter’s eyes?

He’s almost 35, but that’s a “normal” age for a goalkeeper. Let’s talk about the (almost former) goalkeeper of Bayern Munich and the Swiss national team Yann Sommer, who has been Inter’s goal to replace André Onana for several weeks.

Who is Inter’s goalkeeper Yann Sommer?

Inter’s target in the transfer market Who is Yann Sommer?

Goalkeepers’ careers have taken off in recent years. There are cases like Marco Ballotta and Gigi Buffon who persisted into their forties. Therefore, it is not surprisingInter targeting a thirty-four year old like Yann Sommer. Let’s try to get to know this handsome defender, who was bought from Bayern Munich in January and is already in its infancy.

Tall by the current standards of the role, but not too tall (1.83 m), Yann Sommer makes up for it when combined with great explosiveness. extraordinary footwork. This last ingredient helps make him a modern goalkeeper, and in fact, his career has been a pinnacle. Sommer, who was also appreciated in the Champions League from Basel, where he grew up, then embarked on a long adventure in the Bundesliga.

He played for Borussia Mönchengladbach for 8 and a half seasons. Big step for Bayern Munich. Given Manuel Neuer’s serious injury, the Bavarians needed a reliable goalkeeper, but Yann Sommer lacks the qualifications – not even personal data – to be a profile that Bayern is aiming for in the future. In fact, these are the latest rumors about Inter.

What can Yann Sommer give Inter?

Inter’s situation is really strange because a top team is rarely seen. no starting keeper yet at the end of July. However, that’s a given year, also because of the long times the job entails. Sale of André Onana at Manchester United. The Nerazzurri also went on tour with the Primavera goalkeeper, but this stalemate should not last long.

Summer Ideal profile for Simone Inzaghi’s team, for multiple reasons. Talent and experience certainly, but also the ability to use their feet. Perhaps this last feature does not equal the one that the Cameroonian can boast of, immediately appreciated by Nerazzurri fans, who sadly experienced his transfer – although necessary for budgetary reasons.

However, he has a quality that can win the hearts of Swiss fans in a short time: ability to recover penalties. In his career, he neutralized 25 of 102 matches between club and national teams. But as of 2020, this “dowry” has appeared the most. We remember that he saved a penalty to our Jorginho and he saved 2 times against Spain to Sergio Ramos before.

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