+16% in February, 5 operators have 76% of the market

The sports betting industry is experiencing major turmoil, both within agencies and online. In February, spending increased 16% compared to 12 months ago. The market is in the hands of 5 operators.

Sports betting, +16% in February: data

Betting industry growth

Betting: Three quarters of the market with 5 operators

1.8 billion euros: That’s how much sports betting collections are on the Italian legal public gaming market in February 2024. The data announced by the Customs and Monopoly Department (ADM) is both bets placed at the agency and online betsBut the most reliable data is always expenses, which show how much players actually lose.

Again, according to ADM data, spending in February 2024 was 244.4 million euros; This marks an increase of 16% compared to the 210.7 million euros Italians spent on betting in February 2023. When the data is read, the growth of the sector now emphasizes a consolidated situation. disposition: 5 people control 76% of the market.

Lottomatica gets the lion’s share 25.25% market share in expensesThis clearly makes it the first operator in Italy. It is followed almost equally by SNAI with 14.73% and Sisal with 14.56%, creating the ideal podium. The quintet of operators, which control a total of 76% of the market, is completed by Eurobet with 12.23% and Planetwin365 with 9.38%.

Online gaming reordering: where is the market heading

With the remastering of online play recently approved by the Council of MinistersBut the market will go in very specific directions a clear strategic choice The Meloni Government’s Administrator stated that he preferred to have fewer operators but the same tax revenue by increasing concession costs and associated fees. Looking at February data, this situation is already happening in the betting industry.

The fact that just five operators control more than three-quarters of the market shows that: some kind of important oligarchy. Moreover, the fact that the companies at the top of the rankings represent the same number of giants reveals another very likely outcome of this restructuring: In the online games of the near future, large groups will have an advantage, while others will. They will have to form consortia to avoid disappearing.

Lottomatica is the expression of an ever-expanding group that also recently acquired SKS365, the parent company of Planetwin365. Therefore the group already actually controls more than a third of the market. SNAI is the main brand of Snaitech, another Italian giant but with European scope. Third in market share, Sisal is an expression of the Flutter group; Eurobet, on the other hand, is part of another multinational gaming company like Entain.

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