Will we have real Olympic eSports Games? IOC is considering this

The media and also economic potential of e-Sports appeals to everyone, including the Olympics. In fact, the IOC – the International Olympic Committee – appears to be working on real Olympic Games.

IOC considering Olympic eSports Games

Will the Olympic e-Sports Games become a reality soon?

It’s not a real commitment, it’s an “attachment” as they say, but still, Thomas Bach’s words are heavy. The president of the IOC, the International Olympic Committee, officially launched the creation of real games dedicated to eSports. They would be called Olympic e-Sports Games and they may see the light in the near future, probably after the 2024 fair in Paris.

Bach’s statements were announced at the one hundred and forty-first session of the IOC held in Mumbai, India. In his speech, the President underlined how video games appeal to a wide audience today, because approximately 3 billion people in the world play these games. Apart from these, approximately 500 million people are interested in competitive video games and related tournaments.

Therefore, it seems time to include e-Sports in the list of Olympic disciplines, at least at the test level. To tell the truth, there has already been an initial test: Olympic eSports Week in Singapore In recent months. The Asian incident, which, according to Bach, provides a good starting point.

eSports, Olympics and Italy

At this point, what most of you are wondering is: “So, if the eSports Olympics were held, would Italy have a medal hope?” Of course, this is not easy to say, but it is worth remembering that we already have a fake Olympic champion. This is Valerio GalloGolden medal Olympic Virtual Series In motorsport expertise.

Gallo won Gold while playing Gran Turismo SportThe seventh chapter in the Gran Turismo video game saga developed by Polyphony Digital for Sony PlayStation. German Hizal came in second, while French Beauvois took the bronze medal. Valerio Gallo continues to be the pioneer of a slowly but constantly growing movement like that in Italy.

Latest trend may provide support to the move White paper presented to parliament From the Italian E-Sports Observatory (OIES). First of all, it is urgent to give certainty to the many strong players looking for positions. While there are countries like South Korea where eSports professionals have existed for many years, we cannot talk about real professionalism right now.

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