Women’s World Cup 2023: odds, favorites and surprises

From 20 July to 20 August Australia and New Zealand host the eighth edition of the Women’s World Cup. The USA is once again the favorite in the competition, which they have won 4 times. It’s called Italy.

Women’s World Cup 2023: USA vs.

2023 Women’s World Cup bets: all against the USA

Football fans are bracing themselves for a month’s time slot disruption as the eighth edition of the Women’s World Cup will be hosted by Australia and New Zealand. 20 July – 20 August. FIFA wanted to do things on a large scale by increasing the number of participants divided into 8 groups of 4 from 24 to 32.

The group stage will run until August 3, while the qualifying stage will begin on the 5th until the grand finale, scheduled for August 20. The favorite of the tournament, which Rai will broadcast on the net, is again in the USA. Unlike men’s football, women’s football USA is an absolute power.

Those wishing to bet on the Women’s World Cup will already know that the stars and stripes team has taken eight podiums across multiple editions with 4 victories, including the last two played (2015 and 2019). The USA will be the team to beat in 2023, although very few people from the phenomenon generation are left. According to SNAI*, The fifth victory of the USA team was awarded in 3.25. The official challenger is England strong with 5.50, Spain is third strong with 6.50.

Italy’s surprises and luck

The USA is very strong, not only because of the presence of champions like Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe, but also because the movement is light years ahead of other countries. Consider the so-called Equal Pay, equal pay for men and women. Something far from Italy, where it is still difficult to know him professional status for female football players.

In fact, our national team is approaching the Women’s World Cup with the lights down, despite strong players like Barbara Bonansea, Cristiana Girelli, Valentina Giacinti and Manuela Giugliano. SNAI attributes a quota of 75 to women’s Italy, hence among foreigners. Let’s say it would be a great success to break the quarter-final record achieved in 2019 for girls coached by Milena Bertolini.

In countries and national teams where women’s football is more consolidated, there are much more chances than in Italy. Consider Germany, the second most successful national team after the USA, with two wins in a row (2003 and 2007). In this World Cup, Germans rate 8France (10) and Australia (12) are reliable surprises along with Sweden and the Netherlands, both 15 years old.

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