Entain focuses on sustainability and inclusivity at CSR Show

Entain group, one of the main global players in the online gaming industry, once again proves its sensitivity to issues of increasing importance for the industry, such as sustainability, social inclusion and solidarity.

Gaming and sustainability: Have fun at the CSR Show

CSR and Social Innovation Exhibition: Entain is here

Bocconi University in Milan recently hosted its eleventh edition. CSR and Social Innovation Fair. This is a very important event on corporate social responsibility (the abbreviation CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility), featuring various players from the Italian industry, including the gaming sector. The roundtable on “Sport as an agent of change for sustainability” was of particular interest.

As in the rest of the Hall, the Entain Foundation was present at this roundtable meeting together with its representative Giuliano Guinci. Guinci, who is also Eurobet’s Corporate Relations Manager, drew attention to the importance of the contribution of private actors in his speech and announced the following: Second edition of the CSR AwardAn award organized by the Entain Foundation and dedicated to projects of social inclusion through sport.

All 10 projects presented in the first edition of the award were financed for a total of 250 thousand euros. These were mostly special projects to the world of young people and disabled peopleLike wheelchair rugby at the Castro Rugby Academy or “The Great Relay,” a traveling race of disabled athletes who travel to Paris to spread their message of inclusivity.

Entain joins the future of sustainable gaming

This has been understood since last August. Financial Authorization Law Internally, there was a draft reorganization of the gaming industry, but big companies had already taken action. Yes, because it seems clear now the only possible futureThe term sustainability for the legal public gaming industry is one that needs to be understood in many senses.

On the one hand, increasing sensitivity to protecting the most vulnerable suggests a paradigm shift in the gaming industry; More attention than ever needs to be paid to the social sustainability of the sector and to have as few side effects on health as possible. On the other hand, the industry needs to continue to be commercially sustainable. make profits and guarantee tax revenues is always high.

This is also why large groups in the gaming industry act with great generosity on a social, inclusive and solidarity level. Investing in the civic advancement of societyIn terms of rights and participation, it represents companies taking on social responsibility. In this sense, the case of the Entain Foundation is exemplary in terms of the volume of money invested and the diversity of topics addressed.

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