Online Poker | GGPoker: Strong finish to Sunday at the WSOP Super Circuit

It’s time to win the $100 million GTD WSOP Super Circuit GGPoker and once again the DACHs were able to shine at the side events.

Ring Event No. 17 was from the $215 Series Saver Turbo Bounty, with 5,215 entries narrowly breaking the million dollar guarantee. Dennis Henn is the best German at rank 3 for $32,775 + $3,791, KKitsune Caught the win for $44,166 + $40,227.

Start with Tobias “T0BSEN_TE9”. Get the $125 Sunday Super Kick-Off for $18,313, then get the $25 Mini Grand Prix for $10,071. At the $1,500 Grand Prix, Alexander Tkachev took second place and earned $22,796 after a deal with David Peters ($23,471). Benjamin Rolle moves up to 5th place for $9,616, up to $250 Sunday Showers for $7,650 + $4,874 for 3rd place. Here is Aperol Fritz, with rank 2 for $10,288 + $4,585 for the best DACH placement source.

NoRiskNoStory earned $10,528 for third place in the $88 Crazy Eights, while Victor Maitland took home a strong $19,093 + $653 for fourth place in the $54 Bounty Hunters Main Event. Smejko took victory in the $215 Sunday Bounty Big Dance, earning $21,304 + $21,143. Third place in the $525 Bounty Hunter Encore gave Leonard Maue $3,661 + $718, and later NinaTheCat took home $10,946 for third place in the $250 Super Saver.

This is a bigger showdown in the $525 Main Event, which also offers a starting opportunity. The $10,000,000 prize money guarantee is within reach. There are plenty of satellites on offer so that you can qualify again for little money. All information can be found on the website of GGPoker. Do you want to increase your deposit limit? More information can be found here.

Key findings as of March 31, 2024:

WSOP Super Circuit
Date: March 3rd – April 1st
Ring events: 18
GTD: $100,000,000+
Bell plan –>> click

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