700 hours of volunteering in 2022

Social responsibility is an increasingly strong call for companies in the publicly traded gaming industry. The last happy news came from Sisal, who announced the figures of the solidarity project WeDo.

WeDo organizes solidarity tours in Sisal

Sisal for social work with the WeDo program

Sisal’s corporate solidarity program, whose name is WeDo, has published very interesting figures regarding the activity carried out in the 2022 calendar year. The program, which was born with the initiative of some employees in 2017 and was immediately adopted by the company, gave every employee the ability to use it. 4 working hours per month to participate in volunteer projects between non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations and more.

From here was born a platform specially designed to best orient yourself among the various options and gain insight into “where” and “how” to take action in order to concretely help. program WeDo is based on three pillars: a section dedicated to corporate volunteering (individual or group), support to local communities and contributions to fundraising campaigns.

To date, despite a period of pause due to Covid, a network of nearly 30 associations and non-profit organizations has been created and more than 45 projects have been created on the national territory, receiving an award like this in the 2022 calendar year alone: 700 hours volunteering By Sisal staff. Important figures that describe a real solidarity ecosystem.

Because the game should be supportive

The WeDo program is trying to move forward in many directions, from support for women in distress to solidarity initiatives for countries affected by wars (like Ukraine) or earthquakes (like Syria and Turkey). One of the most important of these is fundraising for social causesand in fact the platform was recently a partner Fundraising FestivalIt was held in Riccione last June.

It is quite understandable why companies in the gaming industry have been prominent in the field of solidarity for some time. On the one hand, need for social legitimacy It reminds some hostile segments of the public that game companies are made up of normal people who have their own time, daily life and problems like everyone else.

On the other hand, game companies have begun to realize that the future of this industry can only exist in the name of a brand. true social sustainability. A game that focuses strongly on gaming as a healthy pastime and attempts to stop the phenomenon of pathological drift is a game that deserves appropriate social evaluation.

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