“ADD!” 3000 new trees were planted in one year with the slogan.

Launched in 2022 by iZilove Foundation, Snaitech’s foundation for good causes, PIANTALA! The project was a great success: 3000 new trees were planted in the reference regions of Lombardy, Lazio and Tuscany.

Snaitech: 3000 new trees planted in one year

PIANTALA, Snaitech’s green project

When talking about topics like solidarity and environmental protection, you may have the perception that empty words are used, good for filling newspaper headlines, and little or nothing else is done. In addition, it is very important to inform people about the results of the projects initiated for this reason. Snaitech’s communication regarding an important project starting in 2022 should be read from this perspective.

Let’s talk about PIANTALA!, one of the most evocative projects launched by the iZilove Foundation, but also one of the most effective when examined with facts. “More people create change. The motto of the initiative, presented in collaboration with the non-profit organization Rete Clima, was to plant new trees in forests. participatory urban afforestationin three reference regions.

The budget submitted by the Foundation a year later stated that three thousand trees were planted between Lombardy, Lazio and Tuscany, approximately 1000 per region, and A widespread forest called Snaitech ForestIt will provide beauty, naturalness and ecosystem services to regions and populations, thus making a small but effective contribution to the fight against climate change.

Sustainable gaming winks at the environment

Times have changed, we are no longer in the late 2000s when the Italian public gaming industry experienced its first boom. Today the world has changed and the scenarios this sector has to adapt to have changed still needs to keep doing this. Inside Financial Authorization Law This law, approved by the Meloni Government in August, already has clear indications.

The gaming industry supposedly understood this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) It is something that must be pursued, because social responsibility is a fundamental value and can manifest itself in various aspects: environmental protection is certainly one of the most noble values, because it brings tangible benefits to civil society.

STOP IT project! It can be said that it was a completely successful experiment, as it was implemented by completely following ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) parameters in the name of sustainable corporate transformation. Thanks to the synergy between volunteers and companies, Snaitech now maintains its presence in Forest areas More than 5,500 new examples, among trees and bushes. A little green lung that not only the locals but also the locals will enjoy.

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