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500 million people is an incredibly large number. However, according to available data, this is the number of eSports enthusiasts worldwide. This was revealed by research conducted by OIES and YouGov.

eSports numbers in Italy and around the world

The state of eSports in Italy and in the world

Last October, at the conference where the eSports White Paper was presented in the House of Representatives, the results of a long and accurate research were announced. Esports in Italy and the worldPrepared by the Italian Esports Observatory (OIES) and YouGov, a research institute operating in 55 countries. The data is surprising in many ways.

The research talks about half a billion people around the world who are interested in eSports. Approximately 500 million enthusiasts are a number that gives an idea about the size of the potential at the business level. However, one such census conducted by OIES and YouGov in Italy resulted in the following: 2.2 million peopleApproximately 4% of the population are competitive video game enthusiasts.

Snippets of various realities emerge from the research, along with other evidence, such as the most common and played games that remain, for example, EA FC (EA Sports’ former FIFA). League Of Legends and Call of Duty. If we return to the reality of Italy, it turns out that our country is still far behind in terms of female players, with a difference of 22% compared to the European average of 31%.

Profile of the enthusiast from an Olympic perspective

If the current eSports numbers in absolute terms are remarkable, imagine what will happen when this happens. Olympics for eSports must become reality. There The audience of enthusiasts will grow Although some of the characteristics of this user are bound to remain idiosyncratic, it is even more urgent, and in this sense the research of OIES and YouGov is illuminating.

The 18-25 age group has historically been the most involved in the industry, although in Italy there are significant peaks up to age 44. Highest participation in people over the age of 35 in Europe. However, since the majority are young and very young, it is normal for about half (49%) to declare low income.

This last data does not override the user’s actual feature. In fact, the eSports public shows strong sensitivity towards the following issues: social inclusion and environmental sustainability, is more mindful of purchasing products produced with sustainable forms of energy, while also showing respect for minorities and the LGBTQ+ community. What is called an informed and critical user, united by a love for competitive video games.

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