Also follow the new AGCOM rules for games

New rules prepared by AGCOM have come into force in order to strengthen the protection of minors from the dangers of the internet. In addition to various restrictions, the gaming and betting industry was also affected.

Parental control: new rules also for games

Parental control, AGCOM logo

Games and little ones: new protections from AGCOM

new discipline AGCOM, Communication Guarantee Corporation, our goal this time is to protect minors from the many dangers floating around on the internet. There were already many dangers, but they are increasing; It was therefore necessary to update existing regulations, and others will probably be required within a few years.

The new measures, which came into force on November 21, mainly cover smartphones (smartphones). internet access for minors. The Parental control rule therefore ensures that smartphones with SIM cards registered to minors under the age of 18, or in any case smartphones with active offers reserved for minors, cannot access a number of sites.

Prohibited are sites that clearly contain adult content or those that contain violence, hatred and discrimination, practices that may harm health, religious sects or similar anonymization services, and also games and bets. According to the new decision, the block almost never acts on individual content, but on web domains and related subdomains.

New protections for safer gaming

Considering the facilities inside, no one can really say they are surprised by these regulatory changes. In the Financial Authorization Law It was published last August and announces new protections for minors and more fragile issues. These are blocks and restrictions that concern not only operators in the online gaming industry, but also third parties such as providers.

All this reflects a clear line of the manager led by Giorgia Meloni. The term “responsible gaming” is no longer a dead letter or a simple declaration, but is destined to become a clear path. In order for the gaming industry to survive and extend its lifespan, it needs to become more and more. a sustainable industry.

These will not be definitive measures because there are possible loopholes regarding the game and minors. However, parents will be provided with a significant amount of additional assistance in monitoring their children’s activities and identifying or preventing risky behavior. Then these bans will be accompanied by a real ban gaming and money management trainingThen the path followed will be the right path.

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