The first software to prevent pathological gambling from DigitalEjis

What goes through a player’s mind that could lead to risky behavior or pathological gambling? A revolutionary software developed by DigitalEjis tells us this.

DigitalEjis: here is the anti-gambling software

DigitalEjis and anti-gambling software.

In Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film Minority Report, adapted from Philip K. Dick’s science fiction novel, a system that could predict and prevent murders, in which murders were eliminated thanks to pre-crime murders, was described. before they happen. Something like this, without the disturbing consequences of the movie may be gambling today.

As you know, the biggest problem the gaming industry has historically experienced is exploitation and being drawn into pathological gaming, which can have serious health and economic consequences on victims and their families. But the problematic gaming phenomenon may find an effective contrast, thanks to DigitalEjis. Software that can “prevent gambling addiction”.

Essentially, it is software that, based on the most up-to-date scientific research and enriched with algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, manages to predict with unprecedented accuracy the likelihood of a particular person developing a pathological gambling addiction. The surprising thing is that the software can determine this. before the player starts playing or place a bet.

Qualitative breakthrough towards sustainable gaming

The Meloni Government already had a declaration of intent regarding a legal public gambling sector. Financial Authorization Law It was approved in August and will become increasingly evident both in the Budget Law and in the reorganization of the sector. mandatory path to sustainability. This new approach will be reflected in both the corporate side and the responsibility of companies.

With the emerging situation, the new software created by DigitalEjis is put forward as a kind of revolution. Its difference from other products seen so far is its timing, or rather its ability to work there. prediction of risky behavior Before such behavior is implemented. A seemingly small detail will make a big difference.

The algorithms that organize the prediction system of this software were designed and studied by a team. 15 experts in neuroscience and psychology, people from the most high-profile institutions and realities, all of whom have been working on addiction issues for many years. The fight against gambling addiction, commonly referred to as pathological gambling disorder, may be at a turning point.

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