Approval of major maneuvers from the government

With the determination of the director of ADM, which combines betting and remote gaming offices, the restructuring of the gaming industry, which the public gaming industry has been waiting for years, actually begins. Let’s see what changes will be made and what will be the next steps.

Games reform: Meloni government is accelerating

Game industry reform continues in Italy

This scorching summer of 2023 seems like the right time for a long overdue reform. We are talking about the restructuring of the gaming industry, which the public gaming industry has been waiting for a long time. First of all, something that can no longer be postponed for various reasons, but what The Melony government was on the agenda. ever since he took office, actually since the election campaign.

On 12 July, the Law on the Finance Organization was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. important article 13. This article contains the endorsement of the organizational model of the gaming system based on the franchise regime, but goes further, stating the guiding principles and criteria for the reorganization of the existing provisions on public gambling.

The Indicators speak of very clear priorities of the Executive. First, there is a definite intention Increase protection for minors and more generally for the most fragile and vulnerable subjects. In addition, regulatory tightening is envisaged to increase the fight against illegal gambling and to support the sustainable development of the sector in full legality.

The first moves of the Customs and Monopolies Authority

It would be appropriate to say “the dance begins” in the vortex of measures that will follow each other in the coming weeks and months after the approval of the Financial Committee. The first move went to ADM, Agenzia Dogane e Monopoli. director Roberto Alesse He made a very important decision. combining “bet” and “remote play” in one office.

This is the first signal to reorganize the management offices. Many more issues will then need to be managed, starting with the declared will. keep income unchanged, despite a minor restriction of the game offer. The margins do not allow for many hypotheses, because the game tax regime is complex and incorporates a variety of tax disciplines.

The calendar also includes various measures to prevent problem gambling and intensify the fight against illegal gambling. For example, a lowering betting and win limits and strong continuing education obligations for operators. Mention should also be made, among others, of tightening requirements and controls to prevent criminal infiltration into the legal gaming industry.

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