Approved law that could revolutionize gaming in Europe

The European gaming market may experience some kind of earthquake due to the consequences of a law recently approved by the Maltese Parliament. Let’s find out why the Law of Game Change can upset some delicate balances.

Malta: What is the Game Amendment Bill?

Malta approves Game Amendment Bill

The European gaming industry is going through a delicate phase where regulators are patiently trying to find common elements to consolidate and harmonize the industry. With all this, a law passed in Malta a few days ago risks having a blazing effect because of the possible consequences. about this Game Amendment ActAnd let’s see what you’re talking about.

This law, cataloged as “Draft 55”, was supported by the Minister of Economy and European Funds, Silvio Schembri, and was presented last April. At the end of June came the approval of the Parliament and the signature of the Maltese prime minister, George Vella. Law Prevents enforcement of foreign court decisions against operators authorized by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), about the online gaming industry.

Therefore, from today the Maltese courts will be possible to block any executive order of foreign regulatory agencies, if these two conditions occur: 1) conflict with or affect the provision of gaming services in Malta; 2) If the action contested against the operator refers to an activity permitted under the Gambling Act, the Maltese gaming law as amended by “Bill 55”.

Malta vs Europe: what’s at stake?

The possible scenarios this new arrangement opens up are varied, but the problem exists and cannot be trivially summed up with a shout of Mediterranean island. As it is known, for yearsThe gaming industry is vital to the Maltese governmentConsidering that so far, worth 12% of GDP your country.

On the one hand, there is certainly a risk of worsening relations, with the possibility of Malta returning (far) to an isolationist stage as before it entered the European Union. The official rationale is to protect authorized operators from “groundless accusations”, one of the EU’s fundamental principles. free movement of goods and services.

The story stems from some disputes with Austria and Germany over charges of Malta-licensed operators providing games to Austrian and German citizens. The real risk is that this law undermine national concession regimes, such as the Italian one. The shoulder was heavy, we will see what the political consequences will be.

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