Live Poker | Grand Casino Aš: Michael wins 7k on Friday

After a deal at the final table, Michael was able to secure the €61 + 9 Friday 7k at Grand Casino Aš yesterday, July 7th.

The weekend opened again yesterday with the €61 + 9 Friday 7k. With 20,000 chips and 20 minutes of levels we went to the table, €7,000 in prize money was guaranteed. 84 participants and another 45 re-entries ensure a prize pool of €7,869 and the top 15 places were paid for.

On the bubble there was a first deal, ten players the next. The money was shared, everyone could look forward to €670 and Michael, as the chip leader, received €962 in prize money.

Today we start Saturday evening with the €70 + 10 Saturday Deepstack, 40,000 chips and 20 minute levels are included as always, €10,000 prize money is waiting in the pot. Paul Panther will be there again with the live stream at 8 p.m.

As always, the cash games start at €1/2 NLH or €2/2 PLO. All details about the complete poker offer in the GCA can be found in the GCA Poker Facebook Group. On the website You also stay up to date.

Area Surname nation prize money
1 Michael EN €962
2 Dennis Rawers EN €670
3 Andre Knehrler EN €670
4 richie EN €670
5 oils180 EN €670
6 Patrick Ielpo EN €670
7 Scorpio EN €670
8th garry EN €670
9 Stephen Stenzel EN €670
10 Mark Stimpfle EN €670
11 Honza WAYS €165
12 MC ChrisL EN €165
13 Ronald Engelhardt EN €149
14 Manuel Streckfuss EN €149
15 Florian Plog EN €149
16 joe ryan cro €100

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