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A completely anonymous online service used to report possible crimes, suspicious activities or crimes related to the world of gambling. It’s called “Tell us something confidentially” or “let us know something” and it’s already up and running.

UKGC: go to anonymous reporting service

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In the UK, users will be able to report misconduct

The UKGC, the body that regulates gaming in the United Kingdom, has launched an interesting new service that will benefit from the cooperation of citizens. with title Tell us something with confidencei.e. “let us know something” or “speak something in his ear”. But its meaning is clear: this is a service that allows users to submit anonymous reports about crimes committed in the gambling world.

Users who are knowledgeable about this issue can report this by sending a message, photo, picture or document. Possible breaches of the Gambling Act 2005 The commission will investigate this. The reports, which are kept completely anonymous, can relate to various areas connected to the world of gambling and various possible illegal activities. Therefore, there is infiltration through organized crime, as well as violations involving individuals.

There are a number of sensitive areas where the British commission that regulates gambling is asking users for help: possible money laundering activities are at the forefront, of course, but also match-fixing and other betting crimespossible exploitative practices and risky behaviors of individual citizens, such as underage gambling.

The importance of the “clean” game

The UKGC’s message is clear: laws, including those that clearly regulate gambling, are basic and essential. But they also need the cooperation of the community to function optimally. Moreover, it is no secret that organized crime has been looking at the gambling world for a long time and with great attention. invest in dirty money or clean it. It is a problem that affects many countries, including Italy.

In this sense, we can say that we are ahead of the UK when considering its activities to prevent and combat criminal infiltration into the gaming industry. DIA (Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate) there are many, the last of novemberand they affect the world, which in many cases is considered illegal or in any case offshore gambling.

The Meloni Government is right to tighten the admission criteria for obtaining public gaming concessions, as emerges from the indications in the Fiscal Authorization Law and the exact version of which we will learn in the coming days. reorganization of the gaming industry. Dealing a hard blow to illegal gambling and making it harder for criminal infiltration of legal casinos is a necessary path to the health of this industry.

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