Football Manager 2024, the best players to buy at low cost

Those who choose to approach FM24 by starting with a less famous club need to focus on talented and cheap players. Here is a list of some footballers who can step up the level at an affordable price.

The most interesting players on FM24: from Dorgu to David Luiz

Scanning the Football Manager 2024 transfer market for the hottest deals takes time and dedication. In fact, it is necessary to assign dozens and dozens of players to observers, analyze them, and target the surrounding countries a little. browse subcategoriesor a hidden talent on other teams’ benches.

But ultimately, for many fans, that’s exactly the beauty of Football Manager: build a winning team starting from intermediate basics. To do this, it is necessary to line up low-cost market moves, recruit players who can raise the level and create capital gains ready for reinvestment to find the next deal.

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The most interesting acquisitions on FM24

The first player on our list that meets all these features is Patrick Dorgu. The 19-year-old left-back of Lecce, who is currently the center of attention of Europe’s leading clubs, can be transferred. At a cost of approximately 5 million eurosIt has a contract of less than one million euros and a huge growth margin.

There are two Torino members who are less young but have an excellent quality-price ratio: Vanja Milinkovic-Savic and Ricardo Rodriguez. Serbian goalkeeper has solid values and can be immediately placed as a starter even in a mid-high team. He can be purchased for between 6 and 8 million and is under contract for just over 1 million euros.

His teammate, Rodriguez, is a name that may not warm the hearts of those who like more exotic players. He is 30 years old and has played more than a hundred matches in the national team. He still has a few good seasons and a number of attributes that make him a very solid player. The salary is high, over 2 million, but the price tag is around 5 million euros.

For those who have budgets are getting tighter and want to strengthen defense A good name to spend, even from a very short-term perspective, is that of David Luiz. His playing values ​​are still very high, he comes out for free a few months after starting the game, and he can be persuaded to return to Europe for a season and a half with a contract worth 1 million – 1 and a half million. Euro.

Another interesting profile is that of River Plate’s Mammana. Like Luiz, his transfer window is in a non-EU position, but he is 27 and has excellent skills as a centre-back. ready to sign for free and joining his new team in January is certainly a calculated gamble.

Some excellent credits on Lewis Ferguson and FM24

The trajectory of some players in Football Manager 2024 follows this perfectly in real life. This is the case of Lewis Ferguson. Bologna’s Scottish midfielder Which one is attractive? Attracted the attention of Europe’s biggest teams and something that FM24 can generally guarantee great value at a reasonable price. Ferguson is 23 years old, very complete, costs around 10 million (he wants a contract for two) and can be easily resold even on the foreign market if he does not blow up.

You can improve your team’s technical performance by spending around 10 million euros, focusing on Riccardo Orsolini, also from Bologna, but with a higher budget. A. Low-cost solution for those looking to add talent, but he has no resources, instead he has Cremonese’s Cristian Bonaiuto. The thirty-year-old left winger has excellent values ​​​​in terms of technique, 16 points, shooting from distance (15), form (15) and has a wide range of skills in general. You take the price tag with two million and sign it.

Adli from Milan and Yıldız from Juventus are two interesting solutions for those who want to expand the squad by adding quality, even in the short term. Both players can be easily loanedEven on good terms, a very advantageous refund can be obtained for the AC Milan player.

For those who want to add central point of matterWithout fainting, the perfect name is Matteo Brunori. At 27 years old, Palermo’s centre-forward has an excellent base rating and a good growth margin. It can be purchased for 2 million euros and a contract of approximately 1 million and can be used in both a mid-level and senior team in the Serie. A is an alternative to the owners as a valid player.

However, the name of the coup of those who dream big is Dries Mertens. The Belgian striker is 36 years old and has a very expensive contract. You can get it from Galatasaray with very little change. and still has plenty of value above 15, allowing you to bring home a very high-end talent for a season or two.

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