Football manager and the best football video games on the market

When writing about football games, the excellent manager FM undoubtedly has a big role to play: it is a video game that transformed world football. Let’s see what the best football video games are today.

Football Manager: much more than a video game

Born in 1992 under the name Championship Manager, Football Manager is now much more than a video game; It is a highly realistic technical and sports management simulator with a huge database and possibilities. run hundreds of simulations. Perhaps it is therefore fair to say that FM is currently the game that has had the greatest direct impact in the history of video games on the sport it refers to, in this case football.

They are now known for example the stories of André Vilas-BoasThe former manager of Porto, Chelsea and Tottenham admitted that he used Football Managers on several occasions to evaluate the recruitment of certain players. Or again, Manchester United legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitting that he prepared himself for the 2nd League by playing on the pitch and on the Red Devils bench for three and a half seasons. Coaching career playing Football Manager.

Best football video games

The secret of the game is always hidden in the details. The extraordinary database on which FM is based forms the foundations of a game that has gained so many fans over time that it has a huge number of fans today. 15 million players around the world. Analytical cards with the character, technical and psychological characteristics of thousands of players, from the most famous stars to the youngsters of Primavera, together with tactical and communication customization options, ensured a global success of this game.

Among the most interesting new features of the 2024 version of Football Manager is undoubtedly the possibility of creating increasingly complex, personalized standing games. In fact, a guided procedure is included. creation of set pieces This allows you to enjoy tactical creativity in a simple and intuitive way.

One of the most well-known critical points of the game Player animations improvedAthletes’ movements on the field are now more natural and fluid. On the other hand, closing negotiations for player recruitment have become increasingly complicated, with managers at times aiming to ruin clubs financially, as is the case in reality.

Fans’ favorite football games

You can’t talk about football games without mentioning them ex FIFA, today EA Sport FC 24. This video game, which is also played by millions of people all over the world, is increasingly trying to bring together the absolute best of the games played in terms of sports simulation and combines it with a managerial and interactive part. Get even closer to the dynamism of Football Manager.

FC 24 shows as a novelty Many useful statistics for player-coachesLike shot volume and mid-game player fatigue. Also interesting are the interviews before, during and after the match. There is no direct connection to the players, but they add a nice atmospheric detail. From the referee’s perspective, the shot is going in the same direction when the foul is called.

Another game that should definitely be mentioned on this list is eFootball. Konami tried to keep up with the giants Fifa and Football Manager by organizing a huge image editing effort. Pro Evolution SoccerThe most played football video game in the world for years. Despite the efforts and the fact that there are still many fans who play the game today, eFootball remains compelling.

The 2024 version added nothing compared to the 2023 version, which already showed many shortcomings. The game continues the same way very mechanical and not very realisticThe quality of the current teams is definitely below the average expected from a game in this category.

Finally, I would like to point out Dream League Soccer is a different video game It’s different from what’s been offered before, given that it’s primarily played via smartphone, but is gaining increasingly devastating success. The 2023 version has very simple gameplay, is easy to use and has improved graphics compared to previous versions.

Of course, just like there is a lot to do, there are also some important players still missing from the current roster list working on the game dynamics frontbut ultimately, Dream League Soccer is a good alternative for those looking for a football game that is not too complicated, considering the industry and big brands it competes in.

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