From Thuram to Weah to Simeon

Initially, the Maldini family was among the third generation of top-flight players, with Daniel now at Monza. However, this season there are many children trying to inherit their father’s legacy. Let’s discover the most famous ones.

George and Lilian’s children make Serie A debut

Last summer, many Milan fans were stunned (and it wasn’t the first time) when George Weah, one of their team’s undisputed idols and an absolute icon, especially for Rossoneri fans who grew up in the 90s, declared his belief in Juventus. And Liberia’s former president’s fervent support for the Bianconeri is believed to have played a key role in his son Timothy’s choice to sign a contract this summer. 5-year contract with Juventus.

Timothy Weah is one of the most well-known names among the sons of artists populating Serie A today; This trend almost caused our championship to host 2019 this season. Children of many stars who made football history in Italy.

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All sons of art in Serie A

Weah, the second striker who had an up-and-down season at Juventus, moved to the full-back position. Came from Lille to Turin Approximately 10 million euros in total. The four seasons he spent in France established him as a player of a good level, but he did not fully confirm the expectations raised at the beginning of his career, especially in terms of his qualities in front of goal. But even at 24, there’s still time to grow.

The player whose Juventus nature is in no doubt is Lilian Thuram, who made history with 204 appearances for Juventus and two titles won. However, his son Marcus did not follow in his father’s footsteps, neither on the field nor in terms of form. If Lilian was actually one of the strongest and most feared defenders of the decade from 1996-2006, Marcus chose to play up front insteadHe has technical versatility that allows him to operate on the entire offensive front, while also displaying significant physical and athletic skills.

Marcus Thuram, unlike Timothy Weah, has had a devastating impact in Serie A. Transferred from German team Borussia Mönchengladbach on a free transfer Lilian’s son has never felt the pressure of such a heavy surname to replace Romelu Lukaku and has scored 12 goals and 11 assists in 33 appearances this season.

A very respectable carry, as if that wasn’t enough, will have Milan eating their cousins’ hands: in the summer, The Rossoneri appeared to have a clear advantage about the twenty-seven-year-old French talent, but they Passed by the usual Marotta at the final corner. Therefore, AC Milan fans had to focus on Jovic’s urgent solution at the last moment.

Chiesa, Maldini, Simeone: sons of artists already known in Italy

If Timothy Weah and Marcus Thuram have grabbed the covers of newspapers in recent months, it represents innovation New sons of art came to Serie AHowever, we must not forget that there are actually other family stories in our championship.

In fact, he plays a certain role at Juventus along with Weah. Federico Chiesa, son of the legendary EnricoHe was one of the best Italian forwards in the nineties, when phenomena such as Roberto Baggio, Christian Vieri and Alessandro Del Piero played up front.

Federico Chiesa, who was transferred from Fiorentina to Juve for 40 million euros plus transfer fee in 2020, One of the most volatile talents in Italian football. Truth be told, his last season and a half at Juventus, also thanks to his cruciate injury and a lot of uncertainty in the Juventus environment, has halted his growth, which seemed truly unstoppable until January 2022.

Speaking of the sons of artists in Serie A, it is absolutely impossible to avoid passing by the legendary Cholito. Son of Diego “Cholo” SimeoneCurrently the coach of Atletico Madrid, he was a formidable midfielder for Lazio and Inter in the past. Born in Buenos Aires in 1995, Giovanni Simeone came to Italy from River Plate seven years ago.

Later, the purchase of 3 million euros was completed by Genoa, and Diego’s son had a good season, scoring 13 goals in 16 matches, at the age of 21, in the Rossoblu jersey, in which he made his debut, and this brought him the championship. I got a call from Fiorentina. There are many ups and downs from there; Cagliari, Verona and Finally the call came from NaplesThat’s where he is in his second season as Osimhen’s assistant.

Finally here it is Daniel Maldini is the son of an artist with absolutely the heaviest surname He is among those leaving Serie A today. It’s not easy being a direct descendant of one of the greatest players in Italian football history. Yet Daniel, having left Milan, is struggling to find his place and, at 22, on his third experience away from home (he recently moved to Monza after Spezie and Empoli), he still has room to shake off the “” tag. son”.

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