GGPoker WSOP Online: Jens Lakemeier wins the Bounty Big Game

Once again there was no bracelet for the DACHs at the WSOP Online International GGPoker, from what you will see at the side events. Among others, Jens Lakemeier was victorious.

Bracelet Event #25, the $525 Superstack Turbo Bounty, was on the agenda yesterday. With 2,516 entries worth $1,258,000 in the pot. The DACHs are listed at the final table, B Binder is the best in 5th place with $19,429 + $7,356. symmetry from Canada took the win, the bracelet and discs $50,392 + $59,228.

MrRocket! Kasy183 became runner-up in the $85.50 Ultradeep Bounty for $2,107 + $346, Kasy183 took home $2,699 + $805 for third place in the $85.50 Bounty.

Nossnom (2/$20,099) and Samu Sabu (3/$19,783) were involved in a 4-way deal in the $250 Main Event, while Alex Tkachev took home $28,390 for third place in the $3,000 Prime Time. The win went to Artur Martirosian for $47,876. Jens Lakemeier was successful in the $215 Bounty Hunters Big Game and collected $12,735 + $16,642.

iGotdaPot picked up the $10,000 ticket in the Lucky Sevens Bounty Freeroll, while SinSalaSim took home $1250. In the $2,100 PLO High Roller it was FiesoDuck who took home $17,569 for third place, while Jens Lakemeier took home $9,712 for sixth place.

OhmylordieLord (1/$6,631 + $13,970) and Manfred “MissGranger” Hermann (2/$6,617 + $5,139) paid $250 Deep Turbo Bounty with a double, for $77 PLO Lucky Sevens, where Vivi “MIsscall” Saliba paid twice for $1,767.

PreflopWars goes for $64.50 Super Six Bounty to take $2,210 + $567 for 3rd place, iGotdaPot took the win for $55 Day Saver for $6,237. So ChizzyChrisi was successful late in the game, taking home $3,063 + $4,948 for winning the $85.50 Bounty Madness.

You can find information about the WSOP Online on the GGPoker pages.

GGPoker WSOP Online International

Date: August 20th to October 2nd
Bracelet events: 33
Buy-In: $108 – $25,000
Schedule: –>> click

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