Grand Casino Liechtenstein: Get the Liechtenstein Poker Festival Ticket!

CHF 500,000 prepaid tickets from December 7th to 19th at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein at the largest Liechtenstein Poker Festival and we have a CHF 400 Main Event ticket for more!

The Grand Casino Liechtenstein has one of its most popular poker games. Numerous grandiose events, including of course the Record at the WPT Prime, have brought the GCLI into the premier class of poker destinations in Europe. The Liechtenstein Poker Festival is a popular format that started quickly in December. This year too it’s a case of “don’t mess up”, because a total of CHF 500,000 is waiting for prize money. CHF 100,000 from December 7th to 10th after CHF 180 + 20 Mini Main Event (40,000/30-45′).

This special highlight is also available as a CHF 350 + 50 main event. The next flights on December 12th and 13th (CHF 300 + 50) are available for CHF 350 + 50 buy-in, for up to 50,000 chips and 40 minute levels. Day 2 on Sunday, December 17th already has 60 minutes of levels and Day 3 and the finals have 75 minutes of levels. The structure is now available for all events, for the first time “only” CHF 350 + 50. You can pay CHF 400,000 and can fall as quickly as possible.

We received a CHF 400 ticket for the main event from Yalcin Dündar and of course we would like to play it again among our loyal readers. Let us have a little winning question for you:

How much is the prize money guarantee at the LPF MAIN EVENT?

Please send your hopefully correct answer by December 5, 2023 by 18 clock a [email protected]. Please also include your full name so that we can register you with the casino if necessary. After the closing date there will be a draw and the winner will be notified by email. The ticket is not available and cannot be sold in the bar. The Legal recourse is excluded.

During the LPF there are of course plenty of cash games and one or other higher games will also arise. The cash games usually start with a blind prize of CHF 1/3 NLH or CHF 1/1 PLO. All details about the poker floor at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein can be found on the Poker Facebook page and on the website Under You’ll find out more about the live action and the details next time.

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