With the support of Snaitech, Italy is in Berlin

On these days, a major sports festival, the Special Olympics World Games, is held in Berlin from June 17-25. There is Italy and in the spirit of inclusivity and solidarity, Snaitech will still remain a partner.

Special Olympics: Italy with Snaitech in Berlin

In support of Snaitech Italy Special Olympics

These are important days for sports and especially for Germany. Berlin is hosting for the first time. Special Olympics World GamesIt is the world’s largest inclusive sports event, which will host thousands of mentally handicapped athletes and compete in 26 different sports. The event starts on 17 June and ends on 25 June after 9 days of competitions and emotions.

Of course Italy will be there. Snaitech is with you once again. For the seventh year in a row, the leading Italian gaming group (but with international interests and implications) confirms Special Olympics Italia as a partner. A successful combination through the iZilove Foundation, the Snaitech group’s benevolent organization.

Special Olympics Italy commitment develops along two different lines. First, through “Adopt a champion” fundraiser eventallowed three Italian athletes to participate in the event. However, Snaitech’s contribution will also be on the ground, as its Italian and German colleagues (of the group’s German brand HAPPYBET Group) will volunteer to support the members.

Italian athletes ‘adopted’ in Berlin

Whether you are interested in sports or individual disciplines, an event like the Special Olympics World Games cannot leave you indifferent. Just look at the emotions that give it away. Opening ceremonywas held at the Olympiastadion in Berlin on Saturday, 17th. But it’s also worth knowing individual stories of heroesAnd you can’t help but fall in love with him.

Three Special Olympics Italia athletes “adopted” through the Snaitech initiative: Federico Vitali, Enrica Andreozzi and Alex Capponi. Vitali is a 30-year-old boy from Milan who, thanks to his family, is engaged in a variety of sports, including dance, acting and a family passion, golf. In Berlin we will see her engaged on the field.

Enrica Andreozzi, on the other hand, is a determined 41-year-old Tuscany who has overcome various difficulties in her life and has a great passion: horses. Thanks to “Adopt a champion” in Berlin, will challenge your rivals in equestrian trials. Finally, there is Alex Capponi from Castelli Romani, twenty-six years old, with a degree in his pocket and various work experiences, but above all a futsal team defender.

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