Here is the first Web3 game Valeverse for Valentino fans

Good news is coming for Valentino Rossi fans, as well as fans in Web3, the metaverse and the surrounding area. This is Valeverse, a new game for SisalFunClub with many surprises and exclusive content.

Valeverse, what is the new Web3 game

Valeverse also on SisalFunClub

We can say that the future is today. Valentino Rossi’s popularity remains intact even two years after his retirement, and the VR46 brand is becoming increasingly active in various fields. Among them is the Metaverse, a topic for which the “doctor” has actually built a dedicated company. VR46 Metaverse. The latter announced the launch of “Valeverse” in collaboration with Animoca Brands and GravitasLabs.

What’s it about? It is not easy to describe something with such wide boundaries in words. this is the first Web3 game dedicated to Valentino Rossi fans. As most of you will know, Web3 is the third generation of the internet, based on completely new technologies, including blockchains. More than just a game, Valeverse is a versatile gaming experience.

Fans of the former driver from Pesaro can express their passion in many new ways. For example, in Valeverse they will be able to collect special digital objects, including motorcycles, helmets and VR46 designer clothing. The new gaming experience is already available on the 3D virtual gaming platform TheSandbox, but will be available soon. Special content for SisalIn the SisalFunClub mobile game.

Partnership with Rossi, VR46 brands and Sisal

He has not lived up to his fans’ dreams by racing motorcycles for the last 2 years, but Valentino Rossi is a living legend and not only. The 44-year-old has managed to cash in on his popularity like few other athletes in history. Since it is still a full-fledged driver, VR46 Brands has constantly grown and always expanded into new industries.

Otherwise it would be impossible to explain how Valentino Rossi achieved this. Earn more than any pilot MotoGP is still in operation. In fact, the highest-paid centaur today is Spaniard Marc Marquez, with approximately $10 million per season, while Valentino Rossi’s earnings correspond to: at least 4 timesalthough he is actually a “retiree” from motorsport.

Valeverse is the latest idea from VR46 Brands, available on the metadatabase in a new partnership with Sisal. In fact, exclusive content will be available on the gaming company’s entertainment-oriented app, SisalFunClub, which will allow players to show off their skills in the Valeverse. Tasks and tests dedicated to Valentino Rossi. But it doesn’t end there because we should expect further news between Sisal and VR46 soon.

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